Reading period: 1 October 2012 – mid January 2013

In spite of our fondness for choosing Latin American fiction to publish (eg Down the Rabbit HoleOpen Door and The Islands), none of the authors for this round of reading are Latin American.

We have two writers from Spain and one writer from Equatorial Guinea – who all take a very different approach to writing. Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel has been a constant thorn in his dictatorial country’s side and lives in exile at present. Lucía Etxebarria is something of a cult author among many young Spanish readers; while Ricardo Menéndez Salmón has won many accolades and admirers for his beautiful and profound fictions.

We hope you’ll join us in reading the books. Add your comments to the author pages and we’d love to see you at our London meet-up. Follow the tabs below to read more about the authors and books.

How it works:

  1. Extracts in English are being added to this website where possible – see the relevant author’s page. Copies of the books in the original Spanish may be available to borrow from And Other Stories, who can also point you to other sources. Email saying which book you would like to read.
  2. Read the excerpts then comment online via the author pages.
  3. Come to a meet-up (usually in London) to discuss what has been read. You can be sure of a lively and well-informed discussion.

Reading period:

1 October 2012 – mid January 2013


Thursday 17th January 2013. 6 for 6.30pm – (Upstairs room), Old China Hand, 8 Tysoe Street, London, EC1R 4RQ. Internet permitting, follow some of the discussion from ca. 6.40pm on twitter, using the hashtag #readinggroup.

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