Q: I signed up a while ago but my first book hasn’t arrived. Why the wait?

When you subscribe to And Other Stories, there’s always a delay of a few months. This is because your subscription fee helps us edit and print the actual books you’re supporting. Add to this the fact that your name will be printed in those books as a thank you, meaning we have to factor typesetting into the timeline. We hope you find the books will reward your patience! (And you’ll still get them around two months before they hit the shops.)

Q: It’s a year since I first subscribed. I haven’t received all my books, but I’ve just been charged again. What’s happening?

Because of the delay between you subscribing and receiving your first book, the ‘subscription year’ runs about six months behind your payments. Rest assured, we’ll keep sending you books until you’ve received all the ones you’ve paid for.

Q: I am based outside the UK, can I be a subscriber?

Yes! We have subscribers all over the world, from Fiji to Fife. Just make sure you choose the right option (‘UK/USA’ or ‘Europe’ or ‘Rest of World’) when you subscribe, so you pay the correct postage fee.

Q: Are all your books subscriber books?

No. We publish between twelve and fifteen books a year, but only six of those are subscriber books. We like to use the subscriptions as a way to introduce readers to amazing new writing, so the first and second book we publish by a particular author might be subscriber books, but after that, we hope you’ll go out and buy their work in bookshops. (Especially independent bookstores, whose booksellers are often the unsung heroes of publishing.)

Q: Can I choose my books?

Six-book subscribers get all the books we’ve chosen to be subscriber books. As a rule, two- and four-books subscribers will get the first two or the first four books based on the date they subscribe. (See the subscriptions schedule.) If you are keen to receive (or to not receive) a particular book, please let us know on We’ll see what we can do!

Q: I’ve moved house! How do I let you know?

Thanks for thinking of us! You can log into the subscriber area of the site and update your address there, or email us at

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

Sorry to hear that! We hope you’ve enjoyed your books! You can cancel by signing into the subscriber area of the website and following the steps to cancel your future payments.

Q: Can I receive ebooks instead of paper books?

Yes, no problem! We’ll email them to you as they become available, but you won’t get them quite as early as regular subscribers.


Q: Can I buy ebooks from your site?

Yes! Visit the books page, choose the book you want, and follow the steps in our dedicated app.


Can I submit my book to And Other Stories for publication?

Yes! BUT: Please read our submissions policy carefully. We can only consider your submission if you follow the guidelines and are unfortunately unable to respond to any submissions that do not do so. If you’re unsure, please email us on

I’m a student, looking for information about And Other Stories for an essay/dissertation. Can you answer my questions?

We’re keen to help, but we’re a very small team, and don’t have time to respond to all the requests for information we receive. Please take a look at our About page for basic information, as well as reading some of the articles we’ve written in the press before getting in touch. If you really can’t find what you’re looking for, use the contact form and we’ll try to help if we can. We can’t answer whole surveys but we can probably answer a question.

How do I apply for a job or work experience at And Other Stories?

Details of job vacancies (should they arise) will be posted in the ‘News’ section of our website. We are currently unable to offer work experience, but sign up to our newsletter to find out about future opportunities, including yearlong traineeships from April 2018 for people from backgrounds less well represented in publishing.

How can I find out if rights are available for a particular book?

You can email to find out whether serial, translation or other rights are available. You might also want to check our catalogue.

I’d like to contact an And Other Stories author. Can you put me in touch?

We would be happy to forward any correspondence to the author or their agent. Just email us on We cannot give out authors’ contact details.

To contact an author for a bookshop event, festival or interview, please contact (UK/Eur) or (North America).

Can I request a review copy of one of your books?

If you work in the media and would like to request a review copy, please email please email (UK/Eur) or (North America), stating the publication or organisation you represent.

Does And Other Stories offer an inspection/desk copy service?

Yes, in some cases. Please contact with the title of the book, and details of the university, course name and approximate student numbers.

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