Reading period: Winter 2014-15

We’ve got our Italian reading group going again. We invite readers of Italian with some involvement in or awareness of the UK publishing market to join.

These two authors were recommended for wider translation by Enzo Traverso (recommending Danilo Montaldi’s Autobiografie della leggera) and Erri de Luca (recommending Dolores Prato’s book Scottature), as part of the European Society of Authors’ Finnegan’s List project that unearths European books deserving of translation.

Please add your comments to the author pages below. We’d love to see you at the meetings if possible. This form of discussion, on line and in person, may provide a publishing opportunity for a book that deserves to be translated into English.


Danilo Montaldi

Dolores Prato

Where and when

Meet-up: 6.30pm, 21st January, The Italian Bookshop (housed inside The European Bookshop, 5 Warwick Street, London W1B 5LU).

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