Reading period: 4 months (October 2018-January 2019)

We will focus on reading some highly praised contemporary African fiction written in French in this year. The books we have selected are Casting Sauvage by Hubert Haddad, Revenir by Jean-Luc Raharimanan, Triste Jeunesse by Mohamed Nedali, Lalana by Michèle Rakotoson and Festins de la détresse by Aminata Sow Fall. Below, you will find more information about the books selected and links to find out more about the authors.

We hope you’ll join us in reading the books with us. Do get in touch and feel free to add your comments to this reading group page. We’d also love to see you at our meet-ups around the UK and North America too!

How it works

1. To read the whole book, you please order the books yourself from a shop or library. If you have trouble finding a title, we may be able to lend you a copy – email to be put in touch with the organiser, letting us know where you live.

2. Read the books, then add your thoughts online on the author pages.

3. Come to a meet-up organised by us to discuss what we have read. You can be sure of lively, well informed discussion.

Where and when

Meet-up dates to be confirmed. Email us at and mention where you live and we’ll put you in touch with your nearest group organiser.

Michèle Rakotoson


Mohamed Nedali

Triste Jeunesse

Hubert Haddad
Author: Hubert Haddad

Casting Sauvage

Aminata Sow Fall

Festins de la Détresse

Jean-Luc Raharimanana


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