We are proud to have helped plan and draft (as a member of the Publishing Association’s Sustainability Taskforce) the publishing industry’s declaration and pledge on climate action, Publishing Declares. We’re a founding signatory.

Actual carbon emissions must be cut quickly. If we want to slow climate change, we all have to change our actions as people and companies. For practical reasons, for survival, for the good of ourselves and all we love, we can’t leave it to others. We’ll all suffer the effects of climate change.

The five-point pledge includes commitments to reach net zero in our own operations and extended supply chain as soon as possible and by 2050 at the latest; work with supply chain partners and use sustainable production wherever we can; collaborate with our business partners and suppliers; and use our platform and voice to educate for sustainability and advocate for climate action, both internally and with our external audiences.

We particularly welcome our fellow small presses to join us in this collective action. We’re happy to discuss practicalities with you and would love to collaborate. (Authors in a bus on a no-fly tour across Europe or America, anyone?) To find out more about the pledge, and for the full list of signatories, visit: https://publishingdeclares.com/home

We’ve been working for a few years on what we can do at And Other Stories, some of our thoughts and actions you may have read about in our eco posts series on our Ampersand blog. (For lack of staff time, the series was paused during the pandemic, but from autumn 2022 we’ll be adding more posts – and welcome guest posts on publishing, literature and the environment.)

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