Now’s the perfect time to treat yourself or a friend to our And Other Stories subscription, which was a pioneer small-press book box back in the day when you couldn’t get your beer/flowers/nappies by delivery service. It’s still one of most popular, thanks to 1,500 active and loyal subscribers. With our tenth anniversary to celebrate later this year, we’ve made it even better, including the option to subscribe to ebooks.

Six times a year, you’ll get an And Other Stories-published book, specially selected by the team in order to widen your reading horizons with a varied bunch of new authors’ books, including much in translation, and a gift (or two, or three!) to complement your book.

Subscribe by/on 6th June and your first book will be Somebody Loves You, the debut novel from the Forward Prize-winning poet Mona Arshi, ‘Britain’s most promising writer’ (The Times). A novel where the undercurrents of danger in the family are never far away, reminiscent somewhat of Deborah Levy’s fiction, Somebody Loves You tells the story of Ruby, a young girl who chooses silence in the face of chaos.

The first twenty-five new subscribers to sign up from today will also be sent a beautiful, limited-edition poster of a chapter from the novel printed by traditional letterpress printer New North Press (see the photo below of the printer’s tray in preparation for the printing) as a thank you.

As a print subscriber you can expect to:

  • receive a limited, subscriber-exclusive edition of Somebody Loves You in a pink colour scheme (and on occasion receive your future books in limited editions);
  • receive your titles delivered hassle-free to your door, well before anyone else can buy the books;
  • receive a poster/pamphlet with an A side of artwork and a B side of extra surprises, all relating to Somebody Loves You (see the photo of the framed Barn 8 and Permafrost posters);
  • be thanked by name in the back of your subscription books;
  • be invited to exclusive 10th anniversary events later this year;
  • sometimes receive other extras by way of thank you, eg postcards designed by our authors and translators, bookmarks or signed copies.

As a digital / ebook subscriber, you get all of the above that doesn’t come by post. You will still receive books early and be thanked by name alongside all other subscribers.

By subscribing, you will be part of the grassroots support that allows us to take risks in our publishing (as our writers do in their writing) and still to give our authors substantial advances and our translators proper pay. Thank you for considering joining the club! Got any questions first? We’d love to hear from you. Write to us,

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