If you follow our social channels you’ll have seen that Patti Smith has been working her way through Yuri Herrera‘s books.  It started with Kingdom Cons (trans. Lisa Dillman) and it wasn’t long before she was hooked and ‘off into Herrera land’: 

“This is what I am reading today.  Truthfully I am having  trouble writing. I guess I just need a little break. But that’s okay, I been through this a thousand  times. The muse takes a hike but shall return. So, I am reading quite a lot. This book felt interesting off the shelf and it is. The first three words intrigued me. He knew blood….That’s all it took. Now I am off into Herrera land. Wherever that is.” (Patti Smith)

If we weren’t completely euphoric by the surprise mention of Kingdom Cons, she recently picked up Signs Preceding the End of the World to read whilst on tour around Europe!

“This is  it! All packed. 4 weeks on the road. As always, traveling light. So I can see what’s in front of me, so I’m fine if on my own. Its so hot I hardly know if I have everything. Okay. glasses, passport, Electric Lady t-shirts, bee socks, handkerchiefs, a book. But what book? A destination? Well, Glasgow, then on and on. Yep, it’s time to shove off, like a whistling postman from a whole other time. I will send reports. That’s for sure.”  Patti Smith

“This is morning coffee in Spain. Ready for new adventures, with a new book to read, which is an adventure of its own. Yuri Herrera. An unexpected gift. There is much to contemplate, to fight, to extend one’s hand for. All is action, that is true. But there are also the still spaces to claim for ourselves. Coffee, a book, an entirely empty breakfast room and the sea but steps away. Good morning everyone. Quiet for a moment. Action to come.” Patti Smi

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