James Attlee

Under the Rainbow: Voices from Lockdown

Public symbolism meets private reflection: writer and urban explorer James Attlee reads the signs that appeared in windows and hears from artists, activists, frontline workers and more.

As the country entered lockdown in the spring of 2020, images and signs proliferated in windows, symptoms of the human desire to communicate as face-to-face contact became impossible. When restrictions temporarily eased, writer James Attlee began ringing doorbells in his hometown of Oxford. On doorsteps and park benches, on council estates and among genteel terraces, he recorded the voices of those briefly emerging from isolation.

He won the trust of rainbow painters and anti-vaxxers, a Covid nurse, an LGBTQ+ artist, a VE Day celebrator and Black Lives Matter protesters, as well as frontline workers in a bakery and a supermarket. Their words, Attlee’s pithy observations and 16 pages of his photographs make Under the Rainbow a unique record of an extraordinary year and a tribute to creativity and resilience.



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  • Includes 16pp full-colour photographs
  • James Attlee’s, Isolarion, was reissued by And Other Stories in 2020.
  • James Attlee’s other books include acclaimed Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight and Station to Station.
Print status: Upcoming
Author: James Attlee
Original language: English
Format: B-format paperback incl 16pp of colour photos
Publication date (UK): 13 May 2021
Publication date (US): 7 September 2021
ISBN: 9781913505066
Ebook ISBN: 9781913505073
Availability: World English
Number of pages: 200