Yuri Herrera

Three Novels

This collectible edition gathers in one beautifully crafted volume the three novels that have made Yuri Herrera’s reputation as one of the best and most revolutionary writers of the new millennium, adding a new preface from the author as well as notes from his Best Translated Book Award-winning translator Lisa Dillman.

The Mexico we hear about in the news—with its vicious drug cartels, desperate migrants, and senseless violence—could only ever be one small part of the story. Hailing from a place beyond the stereotypes, behind the hardships of daily life, Yuri Herrera’s characters are castaways from the realms of myth, the epic, the fairy tale. There is the singer Lobo in Kingdom Cons, who loves a drug lord’s daughter; Makina, who crosses borders to find her brother in Signs Preceding the End of the World; and the Redeemer, a hard-boiled hero looking to broker peace between feuding families during a pandemic in The Transmigration of Bodies.


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Print status: Available
Author: Yuri Herrera
Translator: Lisa Dillman
Original language: Spanish
Format: B-format Hardback
Publication date: 14 September 2021
ISBN: 9781913505240
Availability: World English excl ANZ
Number of pages: 288


Tony Wood

‘Language itself seems to be invested with a strange demiurgic force. Herrera’s style – both precise and elusive, specific and elliptical – is uncannily well suited to depict the in-between state his characters inhabit.’  

Kirkus starred review

‘The [three novels are] even more powerful read together. A welcome gathering of centrifugal works by one of Mexico’s most accomplished contemporary writers.’

Praise for Yuri Herrera

‘Yuri Herrera is Mexico’s greatest novelist. His spare, poetic narratives and incomparable prose read like epics compacted into a single perfect punch—they ring your bell, your being, your soul.’ Francisco Goldman ‘Yuri Herrera must be a thousand years old. He must have travelled to hell, and heaven, and back again. He must have once been a girl, an animal, a rock, a boy, and a woman. He must have been many different men. Nothing else explains the vastness of his understanding and the brutal clarity with which he illuminates the human soul for us. Nothing else can account for his ability to strip conventional language of its tedium and offer us back our own world, which we discover, with him, as if for the first time.’ Valeria Luiselli ‘My favorite of the new Mexican writers.’ John Powers, NPR Fresh Air ‘Playful, prophetic, unnerving books that deserve to be read several times.’ Eileen Battersby, Irish Times ‘Herrera’s metaphors grasp the freedom, and the alarming disorientation, of transition and translation.’ Maya Jaggi, The Guardian 'His writing style is like nobody else’s, a unique turn of language, a kind of poetic slang . . . seeming to fall in my hands from an alternative sky.' Patti Smith