Jessi Jezewska Stevens

The Visitors

On the eve of Occupy, C is flat broke. Once a renowned textile artist, she’s now the sole proprietor of an arts supply store in Lower Manhattan. Her ex-husband was her business partner, but since the divorce, C’s been stuck with the shop, an empty apartment, a stack of bills . . . and a persistent hallucination in the form of a tiny man in a three-piece suit with a pointed interest in system collapse.

As C manages her breakdown, the media reports on the developing story of an eco-terrorist cabal threatening to save the country from self-destruction with schemes that range from the frighteningly practical, like hacking the national grid, to the outright science-fictional. Is C’s visitor part of the hackers’ plans – or a rogue glitch of her mind’s own making?

Replaying our recent history through a distorting glass – as though William Gibson had penned The Big ShortThe Visitors is a mordantly funny tour through How We Got Here and What We Do Next. This is a world where not only civic infrastructure but our own darkest impulses are vulnerable to malware; where garden gnomes dress like Wall Street bankers and talk like Don DeLillo; where sex is little more than a blip in our metadata. This is the Great American Novel about the limits of art and love when we are faced with total economic and technological impotence – a tragicomic tale asking whether there might be better things to do with our feelings of alienation than to document them, endlessly, online

Hardback: £14.99
EBook: £6.99

About the Book

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Format: B format hardback with dust jacket
Publication date: 7 June 2022
ISBN: 9781913505288
Ebook ISBN: 9781913505295
Availability: World English