Mario Levrero

The Thinking-About-Gladys Machine

Widely viewed as one of the most inventive bodies of work from 20th-century Latin America, Mario Levrero’s writing is distinguished by its bounteous imagination. In none other of the author’s books is this imagination so clearly on display as in The Thinking-About-Gladys Machine, his first collection of stories. It gathers a variety of Levrero’s earliest and most formally inventive publications, ranging from dazzling single paragraph micro-fictions à la Donald Barthelme to adventurous Lewis Carroll-esque tales of forty pages’ length.

From the shocking surreal twists of ‘Beggar Street’ to the Escher-like grammatical maze of ‘The Boarding House’, via the pseudo-fairy tale classic ‘The Basement’, this book explores uncanny domestic spaces, using the structures of the stories themselves as tools for re-inventing narrative possibility.



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Original language: Spanish
Format: Ebook
Publication date: 15 October 2024
ISBN: 9781916751064
Ebook ISBN: 9781916751071


Fabián Casas

‘These stories contain Levrero’s most secret side and, in a way, 80% of the DNA that made him an extraordinary writer’

Elvio Gandolfo

‘One of Latin American literature’s most balanced and well-constructed books.’