César Aira

The Divorce

Introduction by Patti Smith

‘It is certain that The Divorce will leave you breathless.’ Patti Smith

A divorce leads a man to Buenos Aires. In a trendy cafe he witnesses a minor accident involving Enrique, the owner of his guest house; this accident reunites Enrique with a childhood friend, with whom he had miraculously escaped from a raging fire in a miniature replica of a boarding school. So starts a true master-yarn from Booker finalist Aira.

Paperback: £8.99
EBook: £6.99
Print status: Upcoming
Author: César Aira
Translator: Chris Andrews
Original language: Spanish
Format: B-format paperback
Publication date: 1 June 2021
ISBN: 9781913505042
Ebook ISBN: 9781913505059
Availability: UK, EUR & Comm (excl Can)
Number of pages: 120


Patti Smith

‘The Divorce outlines the process for those wishing to comprehend or to experience the expansive possibilities of a single moment. That is his wondrous gift, and The Divorce is the personification of that gift.’

David Kurnick
Public Books

‘The Divorce seems to me the secret centre of his work, a book compressing all the Airan effects – above all his gift for compression. The novel’s speed is breathtaking . . . By the time this miraculously dense book has reached its conclusion, Aira has wheeled through the gothic novel, noir, sci-fi, family saga, social satire. It is almost impossible to believe the text occupies only 115 pages.’

Rodolfo Biscia

‘El divorcio . . . is a story whose “artefactual” perfection could relaunch the conversation about the good and the bad Airas.’