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As you may recall, three of our most recent subscriber books were unintentionally sent to you. We’re grateful to those of you who promptly returned them (thank you!!!), and for those unable to do so, either because the package was recycled or because you liked the books and wished to retain them, your expressed a willingness to cover the cost. As a small press, your support in contributing for the books means a lot to us. In light of this, we are pleased to extend a special discounted rate for all three books (In Case of Loss, The Hunger of Women, Verdigris)

Please proceed by choosing ‘add to basket’ and make the payment at checkout.

If you received only one or two of the books in error, and want to pay for them, please choose the book from the link below, add to basket and use the discount coupon code SubBook5 at checkout. Thank you.

Pay for Split Tooth by Tanya Tagaq

Pay for In Case of Loss by Lutz Seiler (tr. Martyn Crucefix)

Pay for The Hunger of Women by Marosia Castaldi (tr. Jamie Richards)

Pay for Verdigris by Michele Mari (tr. Brian Robert Moore)