Gerald Murnane

Collected Short Fiction

Never before available to readers in the UK, these brilliant and idiosyncratic short stories stand alongside the fictions of Borges, Beckett and Nabokov.

Originally published from 1985 to 2012, these stories offer an enthralling introduction to the work of one of contemporary fiction’s greatest magicians.

While the Australian master Gerald Murnane is best known for his longer works of fiction, his short stories stand among the most brilliant and idiosyncratic uses of the form since Borges, Beckett, and Nabokov. Spare, transparent and profane, they range from the haunting and mesmeric to the quietly terrifying, from ‘Finger Web’, which tells a fractal tale of the scars of war and the roots of misogyny, to ‘Land Deal’, which imagines the colonisation of Australia and the ultimate vengeance of its indigenous people as a series of nested dreams.

No one else writes like Murnane, and there are few other authors alive still capable of changing how – and why – we read.

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Publication date: 27 February 2020
ISBN: 9781911508649
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Number of pages: 464


Adrian Nathan West
Times Literary Supplement

‘As Murnane remarks, “My writing was not an attempt to produce something called literature but an attempt to discover meaning”, and his insistence on the artifice of written enterprise bears witness to a thoroughness and integrity that far outweigh the minor virtue – or minor vice – of readability.’

Benjamin H. Ogden
The New York Times

‘A voice so clear, so unaffected, that it’s a voice for everyone.’

The New Republic

‘The sentences are laid on like varnish, coat after coat, until the text gleams with a high shine. Immaculate in its unadorned plainness, at certain moments his prose achieves a crystalline beauty.’