Something Like Breathing cover
Angela Readman

Something Like Breathing

It’s the 1950s, and Lorrie is unimpressed when her family moves to the remote Scottish island where her grandad runs a whisky distillery. She befriends Sylvie, the shy girl next door: ‘The slightest smile from Sylvie was a fluffy elephant at the fair. It had to be won with a clear aim,’ writes Lorrie. Yet fun-loving Lorrie isn’t sure Sylvie’s is the friendship she wants to win. As the adults around them struggle to keep their lives on an even keel, the two young women are drawn into a series of events that leave the small town wondering who exactly Sylvie is and what strange gift she is hiding.

Readman’s feel for emotional nuance and flair for mixing strangeness with poignant detail make this long-awaited debut novel one to savour.

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Print status: Upcoming
Format: B-format paperback
Publication date (UK): 17 January 2019
Publication date (US): 15 January 2019
ISBN: 9781911508304
Ebook ISBN: 9781911508311
Availability: World
Number of pages: 256


Kirkus Reviews

‘Readman's narrative has an essential deadpan charm, dotted with striking, sideways observations. The story lends itself to multiple layers of interpretation and metaphor—the limits of friendship; mythmaking; the unavoidable exploration of self. An offbeat, enigmatic parable of otherness and attachment, with a style to match.’

Foreword Reviews

'This painstakingly rendered, gorgeous novel is pervaded by a sense of tense mystery . . . a skilled and beautiful portrait of a wonderful gift masked as darkness.'

Sarah Hilary on Angela Readman

‘Sparky, shining writing that zings from the page. Subversive, funny and incisive. A real talent.’

Max Liu on Angela Readman
The Independent

‘Readman writes with precision. Her stories emit suppressed yearning and she makes poignant comments about loneliness, identity, survival. Angela Carter is an obvious influence but fans of Donald Barthelme and Charles Baudelaire will cherish the emergence of a moral absurdist for our times.’

Toby Lichtig on Angela Readman
Sunday Telegraph

‘Angela Readman’s prose exhibits two complimentary styles: fabulation is rendered deadpan, while wonderfully inventive similes are used to describe the everyday. Borges, Kafka and Angela Carter will all be reference points, but there is something joyfully distinctive about Readman’s voice.’

Toby Litt on Angela Readman

‘Angela Readman’s stories are fantastic, delightful gifts.’