Reading period: September - November 2021

The And Other Stories Portuguese reading group returns in 2021 with a selection of exciting contemporary Brazilian fiction. We have The Broken Ones by Natércia Pontes, the bittersweet story of an unconventional family in 1990s Recife; The Remains of Yesterday by Marcelo Vicintin, a debut that is part parody, part caustic critique of Brazil’s elite; and Cloudy Sombre Bleak by Veronica Stigger, a collection of texts that straddle genre – including short story, poetry and theatre – to present a humorous and terrifying whole.

How it works

1. To read the whole book, you please order the books yourself from a shop or library if you can. If you have trouble finding a title, we may be able to lend you a copy – email to be put in touch with the organiser, letting us know where you live.

2. Read the books, then add your thoughts in the comments below.

3. Join us at a meet-up to discuss what we have read. You can be sure of lively, well informed discussion.

Where and when

Reading Period:

September – November 2021


Victor Meadowcroft will be holding a UK meeting to discuss these books on Thursday 2nd December at 7pm GMT, venue to be confirmed.

Bruna Dantas Lobato will be hosting a US discussion – details to follow.

Please get in touch with us at if you would like to attend.


Natércia Pontes

The Broken Ones

Marcelo Vicintin

The Remains of Yesterday

Veronica Stigger

Cloudy Sombre Bleak

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