What are our reading groups?

And Other Stories reading groups have been instrumental in unearthing a number of great books to publish in English. In them, groups of readers meet (in person or digitally) to read and discuss several books in a particular language. Each reading group has thrown up one or two books we seriously consider as titles we could translate and publish. Call it a book club or reading group – it’s about the same thing: the pleasure of a good talk about some hotly-tipped books and about opening up publishing to all readers.

How it works

First of all, readers register their interest in taking part in a particular group – it helps if you speak the language we’re reading, but you don’t have to: we commission samples translations into English that you can read too. We gather suggestions for books you think might work as And Other Stories titles and select three or four. Everyone reads the selected books, then we have a series of meetings where we discuss the books. If you can’t make a meeting in person, you can join in via comments on the reading groups page of our website, or perhaps even start an off-shoot group local to you! When the group finishes, the And Other Stories editorial team have final say on whether to publish any of the books.


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