Rita Indiana

Made in Saturn

This is the story of the children of the revolution, of many revolutions. This is life on an island, in fact: on two Caribbean islands, Cuba and the Dominican Republic. A vivid evocation of contemporary life on these particular islands, the novel’s passion and contradictory characters will strike a chord with readers everywhere, as will the portrayal of justice abandoned in the pursuit of riches. Argenis Luna, the protagonist of this novel, is an artist who no longer paints, a recovering heroin addict, and an innocent trying to make sense of communist Cuba and the Dominican Republic where his once revolutionary father is now part of the ruling elite.

After the nightmare-ish hallucination of Tentacle, Rita Indiana’s new novel strikes a mellower note as it conjures up today’s world with all its beauty, love and corruption.

Paperback: £10.00
EBook: £6.99

More Info

  • From the author of  Tentacle (And Other Stories, Jan 2019)
  • Rita Indiana’s novel Tentacle was the winner of the 2017 Grand Prize of the Association of Caribbean Writers.
  • Rita Indiana made her name in the Caribbean as a neo-merengue musician. You can watch some of her music videos here.
  • Read Rita Indiana’s piece on rap sensation Cardi B for Granta magazine here.
  • Article by Rita Indiana on the political revolution happening in Puerto Rico, here.


Print status: Upcoming
Author: Rita Indiana
Translator: Sydney Hutchinson
Original language: Spanish
Format: B-Format Paperback
Publication date (UK): 23 January 2020
Publication date (US): 24 March 2020
ISBN: 9781911508601
Ebook ISBN: 9781911508618
Availability: World English
Number of pages: 224


El Pais

‘It is not only a book that’s new, like all of Indiana’s works, but it is a book that is, in a strict sense, good. Very good. Modernist . . . as well as classic. A Duchampian Goya, we might say.’

El Tiempo 

‘Each of her novels is marked by a concept; each is part of something larger. Made in Saturn, for example, is positioned as complement to Tentacle, and the author has announced that there will be a new novel to complete the trilogy. What unites these books is the critique of power. It is a contemporary and rebellious art, ready to fight.’

UDL Libros 

‘Rita Indiana...is a voice with power and personality. She demonstrates it in her latest novel Made in Saturn, in which the children of all the revolutions that promised a free Latin America but ended in failure are embodied in Argenis, a character as real as he is magical.’

Revista de Letras

‘Compared to Tentacle, which drew on science fiction and were you could sense the influence of Lovecraft, Made in Saturn practises a kind of scathing hyperrealism in a Caribbean setting weighed down with corruption, ideological ruin and outrageous consumption.’

Sin Embargo 

‘Through her stark portrait of the protagonist and her unmistakably Caribbean prose, Rita Indiana shows why she is one of the most attractive voices in Latin American literature today’