cover of Lublin by Manya Wilkinson - a cream cover with the title and first lines of the novel.
Manya Wilkinson


Elya is the lad with the vision, and Elya has the map. Ziv and Kiva aren’t so sure. The water may run out before they find the Village of Lakes. The food may run out before the flaky crescent pastries of Prune Town. They may never reach the Village of Girls (how disappointing); they may well stumble into Russian Town, rumoured to be a dangerous place for Jews (it is). As three young boys set off from Mezritsh with a case of bristle brushes to sell in the great market town of Lublin, wearing shoes of uneven quality and possessed of decidedly unequal enthusiasms, they quickly find that nothing, not Elya’s jokes nor Kiva’s prayers nor Ziv’s sublime irritatingness, can prepare them for the future as it comes barrelling down to meet them. Absurd, riveting, alarming, hilarious, the dialogue devastatingly sharp and the pacing extraordinary, Lublin is a journey to nowhere that changes everything it touches.

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EBook: £11.99
Print status: Pre-order
Original language: English
Format: B-format paperback
Publication date (UK): 6 February 2024
Publication date (US): 2 April 2024
ISBN: 9781913505943
Ebook ISBN: 9781913505950
Availability: World English
Number of pages: 160


Ian Sansom
Times Literary Supplement

‘Lublin is a mini masterpiece: simple, straightforward, narratologically complex, funny, sad and profoundly satisfying. If you read a finer novel this year – honestly, seriously? – well, lucky you.’

Jenni Frazer
Jewish Chronicle

‘A delicious little book.’

Nick Rennison
Sunday Times

‘Often very funny, this is an original, compelling work of fiction’.

Jacob Polley

‘Told against the engulfing dark of the 20th century, Lublin glitters with beauty, comedy and compassion. A glorious, ringing and resonating book by a master storyteller.’

David Almond

Lublin has a truly individual flavour. Beautifully written, well-paced, rhythmical, sad, funny. It was a real pleasure to read it.’

Sean O'Brien

‘Wilkinson is a superb comic writer. She’s also gifted in startling poetic compression, turning on a sixpence to move into moments of horror and prophecy. Reading Lublin, you have to laugh; you want to look away from what follows, but you can’t.’

Sinéad Morrissey

‘Mercurial, hilarious, terrifying, a sustained song to the lost, Lublin is a masterpiece. Prepare to be enchanted.’

Preti Taneja

‘A true boy's own adventure with a deep heart set against a backdrop of ferocious world events, Lublin will charm and devastate readers in equal measure with its compulsive, funny and moving prose. Manya Wilkinson has given us a fable-like story whose characters live and breathe through the ages to speak to us of childhood dreams and the inequities of war today.’

Praise for Manya Wilkinson’s Ocean Avenue

‘With a wry wit that recalls Woody Allen, Wilkinson confidently and evocatively blends the historical and personal into a disturbing yet funny tale.’ Publishers Weekly