Price: £38.00

To mark the publication in July 2022 of both Juan Pablo Villalobos’s fifth novel Invasion of the Spirit People and a new ‘papel picado’ edition of his first, Down the Rabbit Hole, we are offering our handsome Villalobos series in a bundle for £38, a discount of 30% on the retail price of £53.98 for all five if bought separately.

And Other Stories’ very first title in August 2011 was Down the Rabbit Hole by Villalobos, translated by Rosalind Harvey. It was also Villalobos’s debut and Harvey’s, and was the first translation to be shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award. It is also probably the book of ours that, with its macabre humour and endearing yet terrifying child narrator Tochtli, appeals to the widest range of readers, just as long as you don’t mind the odd killing or swear word.

The five books in the bundle are, from first to fifth novel:

Down the Rabbit Hole (tr. Rosalind Harvey), retail list price: £10

Quesadillas (tr. Rosalind Harvey), retail list price: £10

I’ll Sell You a Dog (tr. Rosalind Harvey), retail list price: £10

I Don’t Expect Anyone to Believe Me (tr. Daniel Hahn), retail list price: £11.99

Invasion of the Spirit People (tr. Rosalind Harvey), retail list price: £11.99

NB: We don’t publish Down the Rabbit Hole and Quesadillas in North America, where FSG is the publisher. If you are ordering from North America, we will deliver the later three novels and refund 40% of your payment.