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Join acclaimed Swedish author Andrzej Tichý and his translator Nichola Smalley as they discuss Tichý’s debut collection of short stories, Purity, with Anthony Anaxagorou.

The stories in Purity take the reader through cities and suburbs, apartments and streets, to find characters struggling to survive in modern society: a man has an outburst on a bus; a fugitive finds insight in a colour wheel; a social realist kills his friend with a hammer; a thief finds himself in books. And cleaners reluctantly go on cleaning.

With gravity and humour, against the backdrop of a violent civilization, people are depicted as fallen, or waiting to fall, rendered by Tichý with the fury, compassion and emotional complexity of Kendrick Lamar.

‘How something can be simultaneously so powerful and so precise is hard to comprehend. But as a depiction of human existence in today’s evermore precarious labour market, it is brilliant. The truth is that it’s rare to find literary prose, or for that matter political criticism, as refined as this.’ Dagens Nyheter


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