Sammy Wright is a teacher. He was brought up in Edinburgh, worked in London for twelve years, and now lives in Newcastle. He has served on the Social Mobility Commission and is currently vice principal of a large secondary school in Sunderland. His short stories have been published in a variety of anthologies and his novel Fit, which won the 2020 Northern Book Prize, is his first book-length publication.


Maxine Peake

‘A brilliant song to young people raging against their lot - tender yet unsentimental, and a joy to read.’

Jessica Andrews

‘In precise, rhythmic prose, Sammy Wright captures the fear, electricity and longing of youth. Thick with darkness, violence and joy, Fit explores class privilege through an interrogation of the social constructs that shape our world, illuminating the beauty, fragility and loss of our lives within them.’

Naomi Booth

‘This story haunted me. Wright's young characters are complex and vividly alive - they're ingenious, irreverent, intoxicated, traumatised, grieving, violent, vulnerable. Fit presents a picture of contemporary life in the north of England that is by turns tender and deeply unsettling.’

Stephen Kelman

‘The “rags to riches” story given a modern, original and thoroughly satisfying twist; Fit foregrounds lives we rarely get to read about in fiction, and is compelling for the interesting things it has to say about the cost of dreams: who gets to have them, who mediates them, who stands to gain from them, and what happens to those left behind. A work of compassion and insight, crisply written, with a cast of characters who live vividly on the page.’

Toby Litt

Fit is quietly, modestly one of the best books about being young, beautiful, and damaged that you’re ever going to read. Sentence by sentence, it has a gaunt grace; cumulatively, it has the force of a dark, dark fairytale. Sammy Wright’s debut is a tightly-plotted minimal masterpiece.’


Booksellers on Fit: ‘A heartbreaking fairytale, set mainly in an unnamed northern town, Fit is a brilliant novel with a huge amount to say about class, poverty and approaching adulthood.’ David Coates, Blackwells Manchester

Jury for the 2020 Northern Book Prize (Amy Arnold, Sunjeev Sahota, Daniel Trilling, Tara Tobler)

‘Tender, tough, plainspoken and powerful, Sammy Wright’s Fit is a nimble debut from a strong and wise new voice in British fiction. We were impressed by the vivid physicality of its setting and characters, by its simple yet arresting dialogue, by its dry and under- stated wit, and perhaps most by the sheer memorability of the thing: its portrait of teenage life and foster care in a marginalised Northern town remained with all of us long after we’d read it.’

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