Anne Cuneo was born in Paris to Italian parents, and raised in Switzerland and England. She was a writer, filmmaker and journalist, and held a degree in literature from the University of Lausanne. Her career spanned four decades and fifteen novels, as well as dozens of plays and scripts for theatre, TV and radio. She died in 2015.

Originally published in French as Le trajet d’une rivière, her novel Tregian’s Ground was awarded the prestigious Prix des Libraires, which celebrates the best novel published in the Francophone world each year. It has sold over 120,000 copies across Europe.

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  • Read more about Tregian’s Ground, ‘an unparalleled contribution to the Bildungsroman genre’ here.


Jean-Marie Volet
World Literature Today

‘Francis Tregian’s extraordinary journeys through war-torn Europe keep readers riveted to the page and on the edge of their seats.’

Philippe-Jean Catinchi
Le Monde

‘Anne Cuneo’s magnificent book offers a humanist investigation of the most discerning kind.’

Laurence Liban

‘His adventures transport us, with a jangle of spurs, from one conspiracy to another, from Shakespeare in his playhouse, to the battle camp of his good mate Henri IV. At the invitation of Tregian’s novelist biographer, no reader could fail to be swept up in the excitement.’

Andrew Green
Classical Music Magazine

Tregian’s Ground certainly has many cinematic qualities – of the best kind . . . The vivid, free-flowing translation here is by Louise Rogers Lalaurie and Roland Glasser. This more than does justice to what is a marvelously rich and multi-layered piece of work . . . Serious students of either history or music are not going to be disappointed here.’

Ben Paynter
Los Angeles Review of Books

‘This novel is based on a historical figure and, as is the typical benchmark for works in the genre, Cuneo’s empathetic and informed immersion into Tregian’s world gives the novel its claim to prestige. Cuneo handles the historical detail with a deft touch — it is sufficient but not excessive — and intersperses it well with vivacious dialogue and an authoritative, carefully researched knowledge of old London.’

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