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And Other Stories ‘Do Something Useful’ Tote Bag.

Our tote bag phrase ‘Do Something Useful’ is inspired by the founder of the incredible US press New Directions, James Laughlin, and the advice he received as a young man writing poetry:

I asked Ezra Pound for ‘career advice’, Laughlin recalled. ‘He had been seeing my poems for months and had ruled them hopeless. He urged me to finish Harvard and then do ‘something’ useful.’

Laughlin founded New Directions upon graduation, publishing the likes of E. E. Cummings, Gertrude Stein and, his old mentor, Ezra Pound.

Many people with artistic ambitious and who want to work in the arts are also told to ‘to do something useful’ instead. But in many ways the arts are useful, aren’t they? (We say, avoiding a discussion about Ezra Pound’s politics.)

Our luxury fairtrade tote bags come in natural cotton and are printed in Sheffield. They are equipped with a 10cm bottom gusset that provides extra volume for shopping or other items.

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