We’re excited to reveal the final UK cover for Fire Exit by Morgan Talty, now graced with a Penobscot double curve where our ampersand usually sits.

Fire Exit is a novel praised by Tim Winton as an ‘act of imaginative solidarity to admire and be grateful for.’ As soon as we finished reading Talty’s book for the first time, we knew that we had something special in our hands, and that we needed to honour both that sensation and the Indigenous community at the novel’s heart with an exclusive riff on our new series design.

We reached out to the author, who put us in touch with the Wabanaki artist Maya Tihtiyas Attean. She came back to us with a number of exquisite designs, each of which revealed a deep understanding of this tender and brave novel.

The decision as to which design to choose was the author’s, but we at And Other Stories HQ were unanimous in agreeing. Maya Tihtiyas Attean’s double curve draws together the novel’s themes and images with a sensitivity that continues to move us.



Maya Tihtiyas Attean explained her process:

‘This design features elements of a traditional double curve motif, which can symbolize events, people, or ideas. I drew inspiration from archival drawings of double curves created by other Penobscots in the 1800s. In my design, the curved lines represent our river, flowing separately on both sides of a flame. The flame, a powerful and sustaining symbol, represents our humanity and survival. Above the flame, I included a drop of blood to symbolize the blood quantum system imposed on Indigenous people since colonial times. Creating this piece has been deeply meaningful to me, as it allows me to contribute to the narrative of my people by contextualizing traditional patterns with contemporary ideas and symbolism.’

You can check out more work by Maya Tihtiyas Attean on her website and on Instagram @mayatihtiyasart.

We publish Fire Exit on October 1st and will be celebrating with an exclusive online meet and greet for booksellers, influencers and subscribers. For more information, and to sign up, email Gary Perry via gary@andotherstories.org.



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