Are you interested in trying something different to a major corporation like audible/amazon’s audio platform? If so, why not try Ti Amo by Hanne Ørstavik (tr. Martin Aitken), out now in audiobook exclusive to the brilliant new indie audiobook platform Spiracle.

Alternatively, you can find many of your perennial And Other Stories favourites in audiobook format across all the large audio platforms (eg the novels of Deborah Levy and Yuri Herrera). Recently,  the following more recent titles of ours have become available from our audiobook producing partners, and they are available on all the major audiobook platforms of your choice:

Mona Arshi – Somebody Loves You (Audiobook of the Week in The Guardian)

Robert Aickman – Go Back At Once

Luke Brown – Theft

Tice Cin – Keeping the House

Tim Etchells – Endland

James Greer – Bad Eminence

Robin McLean – Pity the Beast and Get ’em Young, Treat ’em Tough, Tell ’em Nothing

Jessi Jezewska Stevens – The Visitors

Adrian Nathan West – My Father’s Diet

In addition, others are forthcoming, such as Lutz Seiler’s Star 111.

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