I devoured the short story collection The Dangers of Smoking in Bed when it came out a few years ago, so I was over the moon when I learned a new Mariana Enríquez novel was on its way. Translated by Megan McDowell? Even better.

Our Share of Night is, among other things, about the sacrifices we make to protect those we love, and the pain we inflict on ourselves and others in the process. One of our protagonists, Juan Peterson, is a medium. His task: summoning a demonic spirit for the Order, a secret society of very rich and powerful people seeking a path to eternal life. It’s a grueling job on many levels, tearing Juan down mentally and physically. As the story unfolds, we see the lengths he will go to ensure his son, Gaspar, doesn’t inherit the gig once he’s gone.

Enríquez takes us back and forth in time, traveling across decades from Argentina to London and back again. We meet Gaspar’s circle of protectors, learn how the Order came to be, and witness the terrible things it does in search of more power. We see Gaspar grapple with powers of his own while trying to understand why those closest to him aren’t telling him the whole truth.

The supernatural elements blend seamlessly into this novel. In the world Enríquez has created, opening a door to the Other Place, participating in tortuous religious rites, and summoning spirits feel at once horrifying and like the most normal thing in the world. Parts of this book are hard to read (“body horror” is often used to describe Enríquez’ work, and some depictions of physical violence took my breath away), but none of it feels gratuitous.

This novel is full. It has demons, the occult, Argentinian history, the trials of adolescence, family members you can’t stand, unspeakable brutality, and unfailing love. Loud, action-packed scenes seamlessly bleed (sometimes literally) into devastatingly quiet ones. It’s a novel well worth the effort and not soon forgotten.

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