Congratulations to Julia Sanches for the 2022 Oxford-Weidenfeld Prize longlisting for her translation of Permafrost by Eva Baltasar – and to all of the other longlistees too! We cannot wait to share Sanches’ translation of Baltasar’s Boulder this August! Full list below:

Bernard Adams’s translation of The Hangman’s House by Andrea Tompa – Hungarian, Seagull Books.

Stuart Bell’s translation of Bird Me by Édith Azam – French, the87 press

Jack Bevan’s translation of the Complete Poems of Salvatore Quasimodo – Italian, Carcanet

Alexandra Büchler’s translation of Dream of a Journey by Kateřina Rudčenková – Czech, Parthian

Jen Calleja’s translation of The Liquid Land by Raphaela Edelbauer – German, Scribe

Nancy Naomi Carlson’s translation of Cargo Hold of Stars by Khal Torabully – French (Mauritian), Seagull Books

Sasha Dugdale’s translation of In Memory of Memory by Maria Stepanova – Russian, Fitzcarraldo

Daniel Hahn’s translation of Occupation by Julian Fuks – Portuguese (Brazil), Charco Press

John Litell’s translation of Nordic Fauna by Andrea Lundgren – Swedish, Peirene

Janet Livingstone’s translation of Boat Number Five by Monika Kompaníková – Slovak, Seagull Books

Rachael McGill’s translation of Co-Wives, Co-Widows by Adrienne Yabouza – French/Sangho (CAR), Dedalus

Tiago Miller’s translation of The Song of Youth by Montserrat Roig – Catalan, Fum D’Estampa Press

Julia Sanches’s translation of Permafrost by Eva Baltasar – Catalan, And Other Stories

Cristina Sandu’s translation of Union of Synchronised Swimmers by Cristina Sandu – Finnish, Scribe

Damion Searls’s translation of A New Name by Jon Fosse – Norwegian, Fitzcarraldo

Jeffrey Zuckerman’s translation of Night As It Falls by Jakuta Alikavazovic – French, Faber


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