Congratulations to Tice Cin, whose debut novel Keeping the House has made the British Book Award’s Book of the Year shortlist, in the Discover category. This is the first year of this category that is ‘aimed at amplifying books from traditionally underrepresented writers, with a particular focus on the work of indie presses and imprints’. Tice joins an esteemed list of brilliant authors and books:

Keeping the House, Tice Cin (And Other Stories)

Maybe I Don’t Belong Here, David Harewood (Bluebird)

We Have a Dream, Mya-Rose Craig, illustated by Sabrena Khadija (Magic Cat)

Keisha the Sket, Jade LB (Merky Books)

Detransition, Baby, Torrey Peters (Serpent’s Tail)

Nen and the Lonely Fisherman, Ian Eagleton, illustrated by James Mayhew (Owlet Press)




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