And Other Stories announces today (15 March 2021) that it will publish That Reminds Me in the US and Canada in February 2023 after acquiring North American rights from Amelia Evans at Penguin Random House UK

Publisher Stefan Tobler said: “We acquire collectively (ish) in And Other Stories and our scouting and acquisitions meetings showed there’s really strong love for That Reminds Me across our team.

We love its music, what it says and how it says it. It is bold art – playful and experimental in the best sense, and as such defies widespread expectations about what working class and/or Black writing is going to be, especially when looking at a subject like foster care. It’s deft and sensitive in the telling of its powerful story. In short, we are pinching ourselves that we have this opportunity to bring That Reminds Me to North American readers.

We work on a dual home territory model these days, so it’s very rare we acquire something in only one of the two territories, but for this book we jumped to make an exception. We’re honoured Derek’s novel will be our first North-America-only publication.”

Derek Owusu said: “I’m so happy that my debut will finally be available to readers across the pond and it’s an honour to be published and supported by And Other Stories, who have shown incredible enthusiasm and belief in the story of ‘K’. It’s a privilege to be able to represent queer working-class Black British writers in North America and Canada.”

That Reminds Me will be published as a paperback original in the US and Canada on 21 February 2023. And Other Stories is distributed and repped by Consortium Book Sales & Distribution (Ingram) in the USA and by Publishers Group Canada in Canada.

About the book:

This is the story of K.

K is sent into care before a year marks his birth. He grows up in fields and woods, and he is happy, he thinks. When K is 11, the city reclaims him. He returns to an unknown mother and a part-time father, trading the fields for flats and a community that is alien to him. Slowly, he finds friends. Eventually, he finds love. He learns how to navigate the city. But as he grows, he begins to realise that he needs more than the city can provide. He is a man made of pieces. Pieces that are slowly breaking apart.

That Reminds Me is the story of one young man, from birth to adulthood, told in fragments of memory. It explores questions of identity, belonging, addiction, sexuality, violence, family and religion. It is a deeply moving and completely original work of literature from one of the brightest British writers working today. Winner of the  2020 Desmond Elliott Prize, it has been praised by writers including Junot Díaz, Bernadine Evaristo, and Mary Gaitskill. Díaz described Owusu as “a writer of jaw-dropping talent” and that “That Reminds Me will break over you like a storm, seething with wonder, wisdom, lightning, terrors and so much heartbreaking beauty.” “I can’t tell you how impressed I was and how much I enjoyed reading this stunning book,” said Evaristo of That Reminds Me. Gaitskill said, “To call it moving is an understatement.”

Derek Owusu is a writer, poet and podcaster from north London. He discovered his passion for literature at the age of twenty-three while studying exercise science at university. Unable to afford a change of degree, Derek began reading voraciously and sneaking into English Literature lectures at the University of Manchester. Derek edited and contributed to Safe: On Black British Men Reclaiming Space.



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