2021 has been quite the year. But through it all we’ve published thirteen new titles (and three new editions of previously published books) and celebrated our 10th anniversary. None of this would be possible without you, our readers, subscribers and supporters, and we wanted to take this moment to thank you for reading with us.

And what a year of publishing and reading it’s been! Critics and booksellers certainly agree and below you’ll find the titles that made a host of end of the year lists. We’re very proud to have so many of our books highlighted by so many fantastic newspapers, magazines, and bookstores. And we look forward to another year of books, reading, and community in 2022!


We’re kicking things off with the fine folks at the White Review who apparently spend a lot of their time reading our books (a testament to their taste, we think):

Juliet Jacques: Somebody Loves You

Joanna Kavenna: Pity the Beast

Daniel Medin: Notes from Childhood

Adam Thirlwell: Notes from Childhood

Silvia Rothlisberger: Slash and Burn

Skye Arundhati Thomas: Slash and Burn

Zakia Uddin: Keeping the House


Permafrost Eva Baltasar (tr Julia Sanches)

“This is a remarkable debut and proof positive the poets make the best novelists.” —Doug Riggs, Bank Square Books’ Best of the Year

“[Permafrost] is a paean to freedom in all its forms: freedom from the tyranny of work; from the tyranny of relationships with men; from the tyranny of social obligations.” —Rhea Rollmann, Popmatters Best Books of 2021


The Old King cover

The Old King in His Exile Arno Geiger (tr Stefan Tobler)

“[T]his [is a] rich, rewarding and beautiful memoir of a man who forgets most things but not where he came from or that he is deeply loved.” —Laurie Hertzel, Star Tribune recommended Holiday Books




The Luminous Novel Mario Levrero (tr Annie McDermott)

“An affecting and hilariously digressive account of the anxieties of the creative process.” —Ángel Gurría-Quintana, Financial Times Books of the Year 2021

“It is both a grotesque failure and a masterpiece, a fussy, limpid, gorgeous, grumbling work of love and obsession.. My favorite novel of 2021.” —Dustin Illingworth, Obstructive Fictions

“Meanwhile, I disappeared (happily) for an enchanted month into The Luminous Novel by Uruguayan writer Mario Levrero.” —Clive Bell, The Wire’s 2021 Rewind


Keeping the House Tice Cin

“Other standout debuts included…Tice Cin’s fresh, buzzy saga of drug smuggling and female resilience in London’s Turkish Cypriot community.” —Justine Jordan, The Guardian Best Fiction of 2021

Included in the Hastings Bookshop 30 best of the year

“[A] bold and assured debut. Extraordinary feats of literary synaesthesia deliver the reader to realms of family- and community-making that stretch far beyond postcodes and borders, and in doing so help to rethink what a crime novel can be.” —Ollie, Pages of Hackney

Laura Waddell included Keeping the House in her Books of the Year 2021 for The Scotsman

“She is one of a new generation of writers who see the splendour of these streets and articulate it with great majesty.” —Courttia Newland, Observer Best Books of 2021

Burley Fisher Book of the Year: “[A] beautifully stunning book revealing a realm of London most wouldn’t know… There is no other way to put it: Tice Cin is an important writer of our generation.” —Caleb Femi (author of BF 2020 Book of the Year, Poor)

“Explores the frenetic undercurrents of North London’s neighbourhoods…a captivating read from a powerful new voice!” —Ant, Burley Fisher Bookshop on Bookshop.org Books of the Year

“Tice Cin’s debut Keeping the House is many things and does them all well: a family saga, a coming-of-age story, and a shrewd, funny look at heroin trafficking. The great Green Lanes novel we didn’t know we needed, fearlessly broadens the possibilities of crime fiction. And exciting talent.” —Dom Nolan, Daily Express Books of the Year 2021.


Three Novels Yuri Herrera (tr Lisa Dillman)

To: All my friends and also my enemies who love words, stories, and life, and who may or may not even know that they need to know what borders mean for all the above.

From: Jeff Chang, author of Who We Be” —from Powell’s “16 Gift Ideas from Favorite Writers”

“The Mexico we hear of in the news―the drug cartels, migration, and senseless violence―is rich soil for Herrera’s moving stories of people who live in this reality but also live in the timeless realm of myth, epic, and fairy tale…” —Mark Haber, Brazos Bookstore

“Herrera illuminates the rich variety of experiences which exist near these borders, pushing further to draw a nuanced and restorative approach to the understanding of borders.” —Callum, Mr B’s Emporium

“These three novels get to the heart of the matter in a truly original way. They are storytelling that is at once timely and timeless.” —Benjamin, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly in Montreal


Oldladyvoice Elisa Victoria (tr Charlotte Whittle)

“A true gem! Following three generations of women from one working class Spanish family, this is a coming of age story set over a sweltering 90 Seville summer. The narrator is a quirky, irreverent and often crude 9 year old. Loved it!” —Beth, The Portobellos Bookshop’s Bookseller Favourites of the Year

Jo at Pages of Hackney also has Oldladyvoice as one of her Books of the Year recommendations



Pity the Beast Robin McLean

“With stunning, gothic prose, Pity the Beast is a suspenseful feminist western and story of revenge that oscillates between a broad worldview of civilization, and the minutiae of a harsh environment.” —Two Dollar Radio HQ’s Best of 2021

“The writing is lyrical, beautiful and in stark contrast to the brutal and tense tale of vengeance and retribution.” —Tom H, Mr B’s Emporium

“Robin McLean’s Pity the Beast, a revenge western with a freewheeling spirit, is a gothic treat.” said Justine Jordan in The Guardian Best Fiction of 2021

“Three brilliant proofs back-to-back, and I count that hattrick as one highlight. Robin McLean’s Pity the Beast (now available), Sara Freeman’s Tides (out in January) and Daniel Wiles’ Mercia’s Take (out February).” —Cynan Jones, Nation Cymru Best of 2021


Aftermath Preti Taneja (out April 2022)

“Taneja’s brave and haunting retelling of the terror attack at London’s Fishmonger’s Hall in 2019 intermingles a clear-eyed understanding of the roots of terror with personal stories of those involved.” —Sandeep Parmar, The New Statesman Books of the Year



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