On September 1st, 2011, And Other Stories published its first books: Down the Rabbit Hole by Juan Pablo Villalobos (translated by Rosalind Harvey) and All the Lights by Clemens Meyer (translated by Katy Derbyshire). To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are running a flash sale on all purchases made on our site! This includes subscriptions, individual books, tote bags, and Down the Rabbit Hole mugs.

Use the code ‘AOS30’ at checkout until the end of Sunday, September 5th. Customers in the UK receive free postage and packaging on all orders.

We will be celebrating for the next few months, and likely beyond that. If you’d like, share your tenth anniversary feelings using the hashtags #aos10 and your pics of our books with #AndOtherShelves. Thank you for your continued support!

Dear readers in the EU, the good news and the bad news:

You’ll be aware that shipments from the UK to the EU began to incur customs taxes from July.

Good news: we have a workaround that will allow us to continue sending out single bulk mailouts to the EU, i.e. subscriptions are going to be OK. So please do keep subscribing by print, or transfer to our new ebook subscription. Your subscriptions are about 10% of our total subscriber base. Thank you for your loyalty.

The bad news is we don’t yet have an affordable solution for sending you individual book purchases that won’t run the risk of a customs charge at your end. Instead of buying individual books from us, for now please order our books from bookshop inside the EU. They have not been affected. Thank you!

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