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Musa Okwonga’s In the End It Was All About Love is a beautifully open homage to a lost father, and a reckoning with one of the author’s major anxieties: the approach of the date on which he will reach the exact age at which his father died.

It’s also a brilliantly true portrait of Berlin (one that encompasses one of the city’s less-well documented highlights, its abundance of excellent cake, and great cafes within which to eat it), and an account of a black man’s loneliness in that simultaneously cruel and forgiving city. The writing is clear-eyed and stripped back, the gentle progression from thought to thought headed by lines taken from within that section of the text.

In the End It Was All About Love is a touching, moving book in a beautiful package (mine was one of a limited, screen-printed first edition), published by a fantastic publisher, Rough Trade Books. Okwonga has no fewer than three books out this year: if this is anything to go by, you’ll want to look out for them all.


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