This month we’ve chosen to share with you four books that keep flying the Pride flag throughout the year. (We’ve also added the discount code PRIDE10 to the books’ pages on our site, so you can get 10% off until 31st July 2020. Within the UK our shipping is free, as always.)

The Alphabet of Birds, SJ Naudé

The protagonists in SJ Naudé’s South African Literary Award-winning short story collection are listening out for answers that cannot be expressed. Offering fresh perspectives on gay, expat and artistic subcultures and tackling the pain of loss head-on, Naudé’s stories go fearlessly and tenderly to the heart of our experiences of desire, love and death. Throughout this collection, sexuality is both a focus of the stories and an incidental quality of the relationships within them: both significant and part of the rest of life – just as Pride campaigns for.

Tentacle, Rita Indiana (transl. Achy Obejas)

In post-apocalyptic Santo Domingo, only Acilde Figueroa can travel back in time and save the ocean – and humanity – from disaster. But first she must become the man she always was – with the help of a sacred anemone. Indiana’s wild dystopian novel has just gone into a fifth printing, which speaks for the word-of-mouth success it has been. (If you’ve read Tentacle already, why not try Indiana’s new novel Made in Saturn?)

Black Wave and Against Memoir, Michelle Tea

Grungy and queer, Michelle is a grrrl hung up on a city in riot. It’s San Francisco and it’s 1999. Determined to quell her addictions to heroin, catastrophic romance, and the city itself, she heads south for LA, just as the news hits: in one year the world is Officially Over. Identity, gender and sexuality are just some of the issues that Michelle grapples with as the world comes to an end, and that we grapple with as it keeps on spinning, for now.

As a companion book, we highly recommend Michelle Tea’s award-winning, warm, hilarious collection of her essays and nonfiction pieces: Against Memoir. Whether her reportage at a trans protest camp outside a transphobic women’s festival to her Goth teenage years in a working-class East Coast town to a great new take on Valerie Solanas, Tea’s non-fiction writing is the real deal.

PS: And a cheeky fifth one not yet out that we must mention! We’re excited to be preparing Permafrost for publication next year. Already a bestseller and prize winner on publication in Catalan, drum roll for . . .

Permafrost, Eva Baltasar (transl. Julia Sanches)

Permafrost’s no-bullshit lesbian narrator addresses sexual awakening, female relationships, and the gut-wrenching pressure to conform. Intense and full of feeling, this fiction debut from Catalan poet Eva Baltasar has been a hit in its own language and is a new gift for readers in English.

We are publishing Permafrost in April 2021, but if you want to help us to make the book, subscribe now and you will receive your copy – in which all subscribers are thanked by name – in November 2020. ( You can use the code SUBSCRIPTION10 to get 10% off the first year of your subscription – offer available until August 31st 2020.)

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