And Other Stories’ novel Love by Hanne Ørstavik was one of five titles announced on the shortlist of the Republic of Consciousness Prize on 26th February. Congratulations to Hanne and her translator, Martin Aitken!

The full 2020 Republic of Consciousness Prize shortlist is:

  • Animalia by Jean-Baptiste Del Amo, translated by Frank Wynne
  • Patience by Toby Litt
  • Love by Hanne Ørstavik, translated by Martin Aitken
  • Broken Jaw by Minoli Salgado
  • We Are Made of Diamond Stuff by Isabel Waidner

The Republic of Consciousness Prize is awarded annually to the best work of fiction published by a publishing house with fewer than five full-time employees, and the winner will be announced on 24th March. Previous winners include Alex Pheby’s Lucia and Will Eaves’ Murmur.

Republic of Consciousness is holding a shortlist reading event on Thursday 19th March at Brick Lane Bookshop, Brick Lane, London E1 6RU, starting at 7pm. The event will be a great opportunity to hear shortlisted authors including Hanne Ørstavik read extracts from their work.

Love is available here and from all good local bookshops.

‘Hanne Ørstavik’s utterly memorable, devastating little book was first published in Norway in 1997. Available in English for the first time, in Martin Aitken’s admirably clear translation, it might as well have been written yesterday: it has been preserved in fabular ice. The writing is beautifully precise and packed with meaning.’ Toby Lichtig, Times Literary Supplement

‘An achingly sad, unsentimental story . . . For a short novel that spans only a few hours in time . . . Ørstavik brings us remarkably close to both her characters, shifting effortlessly between them in stark, lucid prose.’ Sarah Gilmartin, Irish Times

‘Ørstavik’s mastery of perspective and clean, crackling sentences prevent sentimentality or sensationalism from trailing this story of a woman and her accidentally untended child. Both of them long for love, but the desire lines of the book are beautifully crooked. Jon wants his mother, and to be let in out of the cold . . . the cold that seems a character throughout this excellent novel of near misses.’ Claire Vaye Watkins, New York Times

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