I’m sure most translators remember their first book project, and the literary side of my translation career certainly got off to a great and memorable start. A couple of years after translating Crossing the Sea, a work of nonfiction by Wolfgang Bauer (And Other Stories), I revisited the book for Sheffield’s Migration Matters festival. Copies of the book were given away throughout the city and people were encouraged to come along to the central library for a discussion group with myself and Stefan Tobler, the book’s publisher and editor. Participants would have the opportunity to ask questions about the translation process, share their thoughts on the book, and discuss the wider issue of the refugee crisis. Rereading the book to refresh my memory, I looked back on my whirlwind introduction to literary translation.

Crossing the Sea is about Syrian refugees, a constantly evolving topic that required the book to be published as quickly as possible. As Stefan Tobler explains: ‘We jumped at the chance to publish Crossing the Sea because in spite of the many news stories about Syrian refugees, we hadn’t read anything like it that lets readers go beyond the headlines and truly get to know some individuals and their stories.’ . . .


You can read the rest of Sarah’s article at Sand Journal.

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