“I will never be able to thank And Other Stories enough for committing to publish my novel Sworn Virgin. An English-language publication is something I have been dreaming of for many years. Now, at last, I can express my gratitude to Sworn Virgin‘s excellent translator, Clarissa Botsford, and to And Other Stories, as well as my hope that new readers will subscribe to And Other Stories and enjoy Sworn Virgin, maybe even love it.

I first learned about the ‘sworn virgins’ of Albania when I was very young, and I never stopped thinking about them, picturing their world, their fate, their sacrifice. Research came first. Then I created Hana, my sworn virgin. Only after bringing Hana to life did I meet the real sworn virgins living high in the Albanian Alps. One of them turned out to be in the process of becoming Hana, which, eventually, she did. True story.”
Elvira Dones

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