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  1. We both enjoyed the 2012 books so much that I have included my husband’a name as a subscriber this year. I can’t take all the credit myself.

  2. thomas says:

    such a great idea, thank you for some brilliant books

  3. Samantha says:

    Brilliant idea, looking forward to 2013 publications

  4. Stuart Condie says:

    Enjoyed this book so much I became a subscriber!

  5. More ink to your press! There should be more like you. Subscriptions were how many major musical works were brought to the public. It could be the same for books as your succes rate shows.

  6. jess wood says:

    Beautifully produced books. Great authors. All art should be funded this way.

  7. Tim Gray says:

    Just subscribed to your service. I bought Deborah Levy’s excellent ‘Swimming Home’ when it first came out (on the strength of a review). I have just now read about a German author, Clemens Meyer, who sounds very interesting – and I see that you have published a translation of one of his books. I am great fan of translated fiction and I am looking forward to some great reading!

  8. Lesley Watters says:

    Have just signed up and I’m looking forward to whatever may arrive.

  9. Alyse Ceirante says:

    I just finished reading All Dogs Are Blue last night and that’s all it took. The first thing I did this morning was to become a subscriber. I am so excited – it will be like Christmas every time a new book arrives! But more importantly, I am proud to be a part of what seems to be a great publishing company. Long live small presses!

  10. Helen Bailey says:

    Surely the way forward for people who love books and great writing. Swimming Home clinched it for me. Really pleased to subscribe and looking forward to working my way through the catalogue.

  11. Fiona Graham says:

    As a new subscriber I’m looking forward tremendously to reading this year’s books – and as a translator from German, Dutch, French, Spanish and Swedish, I hope there may be opportunities for me to contribute in other ways too.

  12. Wendy Irvine says:

    This is a great idea; looking forward to some interesting writing

  13. Stefan Tobler says:

    And we’re so thankful to you and everyone else who has subscribed to our upcoming books. It really does make them possible. Thank you!!!

  14. Geoffrey Cohen says:

    Just finished Zbindin’s walk. Loved it . Can wait to see what you bring me next.

  15. Eric Rubeo says:

    An early, yearly birthday present from myself to myself? I very much think so. Thanks so much for the amazing books!

  16. hannah vincent says:

    so impressed with D Levy and with what I’ve read of The Restless Supermarket so far… who wouldn’t want to be a part of your endeavour? Thanks for the invitation to join the &other party.

  17. hh says:

    This year it’s time to resubscribe. I’ve missed And Other Stories so much over the past year – now I need it back. Initially I was going to go for just 4 books a year, but then I felt that I needed the whole thing. I have realised now that I’m hooked. I won’t leave your side again!
    Thanks for great books. Thanks for changing publishing. Thanks for treating translators right. Thanks for giving everyone a chance. Thanks for being different!

  18. Thanks, Hannah Vincent, and thank you hh! Comments like yours spur us on.
    All best,

  19. Jenny Hearn says:

    I met you guys at a publishing conference in 2012 and I’ve been meaning to do this ever since! Finally subscribed – no excuse needed :)


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