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And Other Stories works with writers and translators to handpick the best international books for its subscribers and all lovers of fine writing. Subscribe for 2, 4 or 6 titles per year. (Click here for details of forthcoming subscriber books).

And Other Stories subscriptions, step-by-step:

  1. Choose your subscription: How many books do you want per year? Do you want the subscription to recur annually, or just last for one year?
  2. Fill in the appropriate form below (the first is for recurring subscriptions, the second for one-off/gift subscriptions, the third for our special ‘Intro to And Other Stories’ bundle), and go through to the payment area on the Paypal site to complete your purchase. If you don’t want to use Paypal, get in touch at
  3. You’ll receive confirmation from Paypal immediately, and we will also get in touch to welcome you to And Other Stories, and check we have the correct details. If we haven’t contacted you within 1 week, please email us on – we may have the wrong email address for you! At this point you can choose a FREE ebook from our backlist so you can start reading right away. If you’re buying a gift, you BOTH get an ebook!
  4. It’ll be a few months before your receive your first book. We like to thank all subscribers by printing their names inside the books they have supported, and typesetting deadlines mean we need those names in good time. Plus, your subscription fee supports the production of that particular book – you are directly helping our editors, translators and designers! So, if you subscribe to six books in May, you might get your first book in December that year.
  5. We will email you shortly before sending out your books to check you’re still at the same address. However, please drop us a line at any time if you’re moving house!
  6. Your first edition copies of the books you have supported will arrive a month or two before publication date.
  7. If you’ve bought a recurring subscription, it will recur automatically one year from the date you subscribed – no need for you to lift a finger!

A few subscriber perks:

  • free postage and packing in the UK, EU and USA and Canada (outside these areas, the subscription fee increases slightly to cover postal costs!)
  • you will be warmly invited to contribute to our plans and choice of future books (see our reading group page)
  • you’ll receive extra goodies sometimes (eg postcards designed by our authors)

Automatically Recurring Subscription Options:

6 books a year for £50 in UK/Europe/USA/Canada (approx $65 US)

4 books a year for £35 in UK/Europe/USA/Canada (approx $45 US)

2 books a year for £20 in UK/Europe/USA/Canada (approx $25 US)

Choose a subscription option from the drop-down menu and add your name and email in the boxes below:

Subscription options
Subscriber name(s) for books
Subscriber’s Email Address

One-off Gift Subscriptions and International Gift Subscriptions

  • A one-off gift subscription is for a fixed number of titles and does not recur.
  • For gift subscriptions, add the recipient’s name and email in the boxes below and add the recipient’s address as “delivery address” on arrival at PayPal’s secure site (or email it to us at
  • If there’s anything else we should know, just email and we’ll work it out!

Gift Subscription (not annually recurring) options
Subscriber name(s) for books
Subscriber’s Email Address

The ‘Introduction to And Other Stories’ package:








Tochtli may be the boy who has everything, but does he have a Down the Rabbit Hole mug?

To celebrate our fifth birthday, we made some Down the Rabbit Hole mugs as a thank you gift for subscribers who’ve been with us from that very first book. Now you can also buy one of these fantastic literary drinking vessels, so limited edition not even a Mexican drug baron’s son can get his hands on one…

Package includes:

  • A Down the Rabbit Hole mug
  • A copy of the 2nd edition paperback
  • A 4-book And Other Stories subscription

(Down the Rabbit Hole mug and paperback will be shipped straight away, main subscription books will arrive later, as mentioned in the step-by-step guide above).

Please select delivery location
Recipient name
Recipient email address


No Paypal? No Problem!

Pay by Cheque, Bank Transfer or Standing Order

To subscribe by post send a UK cheque or bank draft in pound sterling (with your name, email address and postal address on the back) made payable to And Other Stories Publishing CIC to: And Other Stories, Central Library, Surrey St, Sheffield S1 1XZ. Or email and we’ll help you set up a bank transfer.

Thank you. We look forward to reading with you.


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