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Carmen Boullosa

El complot de los Románticos by Carmen Boullosa is one of the And Other Stories reading group books for our winter 2011-12 Spanish-language group. She is a Mexican novelist, poet and playwright whose writing has been praised by writers including Carlos Fuentes, Elena Poniatowska and Roberto Bolaño.

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photo of Cristoph Simon, author of Zbinden's Progress. Taken by Adrian Moser

Christoph Simon

Christoph Simon was born in 1972 in Emmental, Switzerland. After travels through the Middle East, Poland, South America, London and New York, he has settled in Berne. Zbinden’s Progress is his fourth and already highly acclaimed book.


Félix Bruzzone

Félix Bruzzone spends most of his time beside the swimming pool. That’s not to say he lives a charmed life but rather that despite being one of Argentina’s most celebrated young novelists, Bruzzone has to earn a living. And Bruzzone […]


Sergio Olguín

Sergio Olguín was born in Buenos Aires in 1967 and grew up in the Lanús neighbourhood where many of his novels are set. The first of these he penned aged nine. Entitled Lobo, Mi buen amigo (My good friend Wolf), […]

Paulina Pukyte portrait

Paulina Pukyté

I love gossip. And who doesn’t? Perhaps you don’t? Well, in that case you’re an exception; the rest of us really love it. Gossip is the stuff(ing) of life. Isn’t it a pleasure, for example, to find out from the […]


Herkus Kuncius

At a time of limitless supply and a surplus of intellectual products I do not seek to be heard (urbi et orbi) by a yogi or dervish, to be understood by a Papuan, Geisha or some illiterate. Here, and not […]

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