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Our brand new Rio de Janeiro reading group is up and running, and everybody is invited.

Join us in reading six hotly tipped Brazilian books – new and not-so-new – between May and September 2013. You can take part in discussions online or in person. All we’re after is a good chat about some brilliant literature.

We’ll be reading the books in Portuguese, and discussing them in English and Portuguese.



Books we’re reading



– A história dos ossos / Lívia e o cemitério africano [The story of the bones / Livia and the African cemetery] by Alberto Martins

Two linked novellas from São Paulo-based writer Alberto Martins that experiment with style, letting the reader make the connections between fragmentary episodes.





O sonâmbulo amador [The amateur sleepwalker] by José Luiz Passos

Published in 2012, O sonâmbulo amador garnered a mass of positive reviews in the Brazilian press. The novel is set in 1970s Pernambuco and blurs the boundaries between memories, dreams and reality once its protagonist, Jurandir, is interned in a psychiatric institution.


Del Fuego Malaquias cover


Os Malaquias [The Malaquia family] by Andrea del Fuego

Del Fuego’s debut novel about three orphaned siblings growing up in the back of beyond won her the prestigious Prémio Saramago in 2011.



Nava Bau de Ossos cover


Baú de Ossos [Chest of bones] by Pedro Nava

Strictly speaking a memoir, Baú de Ossos is so much more: an ambitious panorama of Brazil in the second half of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries by one of the country’s most celebrated writers.


Hilst Caderno cover


O Caderno Rosa de Lori Lamby [Lori Lamby’s pink notebook] by Hilda Hilst

Eight-year-old Lori Lamby sells her body with the encouragement of her parents. It’s no surprise Hilda Hilst caused an outcry with the publication O Caderno Rosa in 1990, the first volume in her so-called ‘obscene trilogy’.


Prata MIMDE cover


Meio intelectual, meio de esquerda [Kind-of intellectual, sort-of left-wing] by Antonio Prata

Antonio Prata started writing a regular column for the Estado de São Paulo aged just 23. This collection brings together 80 of his best columns over the course of his seven-year stint at the paper.


We’ll also be reading two more books still to be decided; we welcome your suggestions.

Os Malaquias

Where and When

1st meeting
When: 21 May 2013
Where: Espaço Cultural Oito e Meio
Travessa dos Tamoios, 32, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

2nd meeting
When: 25 June 2013 at 19.30
Where: Espaço Cultural Oito e Meio
Travessa dos Tamoios, 32, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro

3rd meeting
When: week commencing 22 July 2013
Where: TBC


If you’d like to take part, or just want to find out more, get in touch with Ana Fletcher on


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