Reading Groups

And Other Stories reading groups have been instrumental in unearthing a number of great books to publish in English. Each reading group has thrown up one or two books we are seriously considering as titles we could publish. Call it a book club or reading group – it’s about the same thing: the pleasure of a good talk about some hotly tipped books.

This Publishing Perspectives article from 2012 provides a great overview of what our reading groups are about.

2014 Reading Groups

Contribute to one of our current / upcoming reading groups:

We are keen to run more groups in 2014. Ideas are already coming in for Dutch, French, Swedish (or pan-Scandinavian?), Portuguese and German groups. So if you would like to be  a reader in a group – or would like to suggest an as yet untranslated contemporary work of fiction – email us at

Extracts in English are available on this website’s reading group pages where possible – see the relevant author’s page. Add your comments to the author pages and we’d love to see you at our meet-ups. Thanks to your discussion online and in person, new books will make it into English.

2013 Reading Groups

2012 Reading Groups

2011 Reading Groups

Summer 2010 Reading Groups

For the summer months of 2010, there were online discussion groups (on the literary social network site Goodreads) for Spanish-language and Lithuanian fiction.

Winter 2010 Reading Groups

Portuguese-language Reading Group with books by João Paulo Cuenca, Rodrigo Lacerda, Raduan Nassar and Dulce Maria Cardos.

Latin American Spanish-language Reading Group with books by Guadelupe Nettel, Norma Lazo, Andres Neuman, Carlos Gamerro, Victoria de Stefano and Ricardo Waale.

German-language Reading Group with books by Anne Weber, Gabriele Petricek, Susann Pásztor and Katharina Hacker.

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