Pure Hollywood

The long-overdue UK launch of Christine Schutt, an American master of the short story, with brand-new gems.

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Screenshotted cover_Iliac Crest

The Iliac Crest

Our bones are our most intimate secret. And some secrets, only our bones can betray.


People in the Room

An uncanny exploration of desire, domestic space, isolation, and voyeurism by the woman Borges adored—only now in English translation


Brother in Ice

Kopf—the young Catalan writer to watch—explores the unknown: both in the polar regions and in her family


Sweet Days of Discipline

A multiple prize-winning, unsettling tale of the friendships and tensions of Swiss boarding school life, now once again in print in the UK

Aira_The LIME TREE_72dpi_RGB

The Lime Tree

Aira revisits his childhood for a semi-autobiographical tale of class and revolution in Argentina

The Unmapped Country cover

The Unmapped Country

The lost stories of a remarkable writer who distinctively embodies the radical spirit of the 1960s

Pugliese MALACQUA _ rgb


First published by Calvino: this long-suppressed novel of a city under deluge shows a darker Naples, on the verge of collapse

Petite Fleur RGB

Petite Fleur

Touches of Jodorowsky, Aira and Dostoyevsky as a house-husband finds he possesses a gruesome talent

Worlds from the Word's End _rgb_png _ for web

Worlds From the Word’s End

An imagination bomb in the library of literature – Walsh’s playful and iconoclastic shorts bring a sharpness to the fiction of ideas


The Gurugu Pledge

Informed by first-hand accounts, this funny yet strangely chilling refugees’ tale offers a distinctly African perspective on a global crisis.

Jaeggy cover from screenshot

I Am the Brother of XX

Sensational, hyper-distilled new stories by the inimitable Fleur Jaeggy


Kingdom Cons

Beats, daggers, girls, and graft: can the Artist sing truth to power where a Mexican drug baron holds court?


Sorry to Disrupt the Peace

A bleakly Beckettian comic tour de force that’s by turns poignant, funny and viscerally unsettling, this debut novel announces the singular voice of Patty Yumi Cottrell


The Proof

A playful take on youth culture, young love and ultra-violence on the streets of Buenos Aires from the cult hero of Argentinian letters


The Little Buddhist Monk

A twisted tale of Korean temples, tourism and surprise robotics from Argentina’s legendary and controversial Man Booker International finalist


Black Wave

An apocalyptic riot grrrl tale of queer sex, drugs and self-destruction in 1990s California


The Old King in His Exile

A gorgeously wrought and deeply moving memoir of a son and his father brought closer together in the face of Alzheimer’s


Vampire in Love

‘A writer who has no equal in the contemporary landscape of the Spanish novel.’
Roberto Bolaño

Seamstress and The Wind_72DPI RGB LOW RES

The Seamstress and the Wind

An acknowledged masterpiece from César Aira, Man Booker International finalist and the most influential writer in Latin America today

Crossing The Sea_HiRes_Cover_RGB

Crossing the Sea: With Syrians on the Exodus to Europe

The first book of reportage covering the flight of refugees from Syria to Europe via the Mediterranean. With colour photos. Award-winning journalist Wolfgang Bauer and photographer Stanislav Krupař were the first undercover reporters to document the journey of Syrian refugees […]

Transmigration rgb

The Transmigration of Bodies

“These days we walk right past a body on the street, and we have to stop pretending we can’t see it.” – from The Transmigration of Bodies A plague has brought death to the city. Two feuding crime families with blood […]

I'll sell you a dog _RGB

I’ll Sell You a Dog

Long before he was the taco seller whose ‘Gringo Dog’ recipe made him famous throughout Mexico City, our hero was an aspiring artist: an artist, that is, till his would-be girlfriend was stolen by Diego Rivera, and his dreams snuffed […]



Grains of sand, bridges, shampoo, a bike, board games, yoga, sellotape, birds, balloons, tattoos, wandering hands, tweezers, maths, fish, letterboxes, puppets, a vacuum cleaner, a ball of string – and love. In this fiction of yous and mes, of hims and […]

Lunatics anthology rgb

Lunatics, Lovers and Poets: Twelve Stories after Cervantes and Shakespeare

‘The lunatic, the lover, and the poet, are of imagination all compact.’ – William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the deaths of William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes, And Other Stories and Hay Festival have selected twelve contemporary international […]

vertigo RGB (1)


This is a woman as a mother, daughter, wife, spectator, lover, mistress. Observer and commentator. Actor and reactor. Dressed up bright as a child or submerged in the grey elegance of Paris, she shifts readily between roles, countries, and languages. […]

The Folly cover rgb

The Folly

Mr and Mrs Malgas are going quietly about their lives when a mysterious squatter appears on the vacant plot next to their home. Arriving with portmanteau in hand and a head full of extraordinary ideas, the stranger at once begins to fashion tools […]

martin john FINAL

Martin John

  To every question he said he didn’t know. Still they came, the questions came. I don’t know did not put a stop to them. – from Martin John Martin John must put a stop to it. They have an […]

Bret Easton Ellis a t O D _ Lina Wolff rgb

Bret Easton Ellis and the Other Dogs

  At a run-down brothel in Caudal, Spain, the prostitutes are collecting stray dogs. Each is named after a famous male writer: Dante, Chaucer, Bret Easton Ellis. When a john is cruel, the dogs are fed rotten meat. To the […]


Now and at the Hour of Our Death

A nurse sleeps at the bedside of his dying patients; a wife deceives her husband by never telling him he has cancer; a bedridden man has to be hidden from his demented and amorous eighty-year-old wife. In her poignant and […]

Requiem for a Soldier _ use this

Requiem for a Soldier

From the Solzhenitsyn Prize and Russian Booker Prize winner In the vast Kazakh steppes of the crumbling Soviet Empire, Alyosha has finished his army service and is promised a gift from his deaf commander: an everlasting steel tooth. As he waits […]

101 Detectives_ use this

101 Detectives

What kind of Detective am I? Eardrum or tympanum? Gullet or oesophagus? Pussy or pudenda? A Detective needs a language almost as much as a language needs a Detective. In this new collection of stories, award-winning author Ivan Vladislavić invites […]



‘Neither the old man nor Boga ever said more than was needed. And yet they understood each other perfectly.’ Over the course of a season, Boga and the old man work side by side on the sandbanks of the Paraná Delta, […]

Tregian's Ground_ 17 sept FINAL

Tregian’s Ground: The Life and Sometimes Secret Adventures of Francis Tregian, Gentleman and Musician

The significance of the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book to our musical canon is well known; the remarkable story of its copyist and compiler, Francis Tregian, less so. Born into Cornish Catholic nobility and plumb into the choppy waters of the Elizabethan Age, […]


The Adventure of the Busts of Eva Perón

1975. The cusp of Argentina’s Dirty War. The magnate, Fausto Tamerlán, has been kidnapped by guerrillas, who as part of their ransom demands have stipulated the placement of a bust of Eva Perón in all ninety-two offices of Argentina’s leading […]

Don't Try This at Home _ cover_ FINAL

Don’t Try This at Home

Winner of Best Short Story Collection at the 2015 Saboteur Awards, shortlisted for the 2016 Edge Hill Short Story Prize! A girl repeatedly chops her boyfriend in half but, while her ‘other half’ multiplies, she is still not satisfied. Love […]


Esperanza Street

I was eight when my father brought me to one of the big houses at the top of Esperanza Street and left me with Mary Morelos. ‘I haven’t the time to fix broken wings,’ she said. ‘Does he have any […]


An Amorous Discourse in the Suburbs of Hell

She is a shimmering, melancholy angel, flown from Paradise to save him from the suburbs of hell. He an accountant, dreaming of a white Christmas, a little garden and someone to love. She attempts to fly him away from his habits […]

Signs Preceding the End of the World_CMYK SMALL

Signs Preceding the End of the World

WINNER OF THE 2016 BEST TRANSLATED BOOK AWARD FOR FICTION Signs Preceding the End of the World is one of the most arresting novels to be published in Spanish in the last ten years. Yuri Herrera does not simply write […]

The Alphabet of Birds

The Alphabet of Birds

‘For any reader who would like to keep up with what is happening at the forefront of Afrikaans literature, this collection is truly unmissable.’ – André Brink If death comes to a loved one, can we grieve alone? When all around is […]

By Night the M B front cover CMYK

By Night the Mountain Burns

Shortlisted for the 2015 Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Financial Times Translated Book of the Year 2014 By Night The Mountain Burns recounts the narrator’s childhood on a remote island off the West African coast, living with his mysterious grandfather, several […]

Nowhere People by Paulo Scott

Nowhere People

Winner of the Machado de Assis Prize Driving home, law student Paulo passes a figure at the side of the road. The indigenous girl stands in the heavy rain, as if waiting for something. Paulo gives her a lift to […]

The Matiushin Case RGB

The Matiushin Case

From the winner of the Solzhenitsyn Prize 2012 and the Russian Booker Prize 2002   The Matiushin Case is one of the darkest and most powerful works of fiction to appear in Russian in the last twenty years. Deriving, like Captain […]


Sworn Virgin

‘Elvira Dones is among the best of Albania’s writers and her publication in English is excellent news.’ – Ismail Kadare When Hana’s dying uncle calls her back from the city to the family home in the Albanian mountains, he tries to […]

The Restless Supermarket RGB

The Restless Supermarket

A classic novel of the South African transition and winner of the South African Sunday Times Prize for Fiction It is 1993, and Aubrey Tearle’s world is shutting down. He has recently retired from a lifetime of proofreading telephone directories. His […]

A Map of Tulsa RGB

A Map of Tulsa

A Map of Tulsa is elegiac, graceful, and as much a story about young love as it is a love letter to a classic American city. The first days of summer: Jim Praley is home from college, ready to unlock Tulsa’s secrets. […]


Double Negative

Race, politics, identity, and photography: South African writer Ivan Vladislavić reminds us nothing is black and white Dropout Neville Lister accompanies acclaimed photographer Saul Auerbach for a day, to learn a lesson for life. They play a game: from a […]



A young mother learns to survive among the snakes, sleaze and slums of Buenos Aires Paradises might be a reimagining of Camus’ Outsider – but in female form and living in 21st-century Buenos Aires. Our narrator allows the hazards of […]



Anarchy in Mexico – a comic novel about screwed-up families and politics from the author of Down the Rabbit Hole It’s the 1980s in Lagos de Moreno – a town where there are more cows than people, and more priests […]


All Dogs are Blue

One of the most original and comic voices to come out of Brazil – Souza Leão orchestrates a carnival among the mad   All Dogs are Blue is a fiery and scurrilously funny tale of life in a Rio de […]

300dpi - oleg

Captain of the Steppe

From the winner of the Solzhenitsyn Prize 2012 and the Russian Booker Prize 2002   First volume in the Russian Booker winning trilogy Tales from the Last Days by a newly translated prize-winning & powerful Russian author. Deep in the […]


Black Vodka

How does love change us? And how do we change ourselves for love – or for lack of it? Ten stories by acclaimed author Deborah Levy explore these delicate, impossible questions. In Vienna, an icy woman seduces a broken man; […]

Zbinden's Progress high res cover

Zbinden’s Progress

Gradually we get to know a man with a twinkle in his eye and a love of walking. We learn the captivating story of this man, his late wife, their son and the many people he has met along the way. Zbinden’s Progress is heart-rending, heart-warming and hilarious.

DeWitt LIGHTNING RODS cover low res

Lightning Rods

Helen DeWitt follows her extraordinary debut The Last Samurai with a sharp, uproarious satire on modern life and corporate culture. A novel in the spirit of Mel Brooks’ The Producers.

HAPPINESS cover high res

Happiness is Possible

Happiness is Possible tells the story of a writer late delivering his novel, unable to write anything uplifting since his wife walked out. But happiness seems determined to catch up with him as well…

Down the Rabbit Hole SHORTLISTED reprint

Down the Rabbit Hole

Guardian First Book Award shortlisted Down the Rabbit Hole has created quite a buzz. It was published in Spain in 2010 (Anagrama) and is already being translated into Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Romanian, Dutch and more languages.


Swimming Home

Profound and thrilling, Swimming Home reveals how the most devastating secrets are the ones we keep from ourselves.

Open Door jacket cover high res

Open Door

Iosi Havilio was born in Buenos Aires in 1974. Open Door is his frst novel. His second novel is Estocolmo (Stockholm). Originally published in Argentina, both have now been issued in Spain. He is currently working on a novel that follows on from Open Door.

The Islands cover high res

The Islands

A detective novel, a cyber-thriller, an inner-city road trip and a war memoir, The Islands is a hilarious, devastating and dizzyingly surreal account of a history that remains all too raw.

all the Lights final high res

All the Lights

Clemens Meyer is one of Germany’s most exciting writers. Born in 1977 in what was then East Germany, he worked as a security guard, forklift driver and construction worker while completing his frst novel.

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