Trysting by Emmanuelle Pagano


Emmanuelle Pagano

Jennifer Higgins and Sophie Lewis

Price: £8.99 (print), £5 (ebook)

Trade Paperback


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And Other Stories

Publication date:
16 November 2016

Grains of sand, bridges, shampoo, a bike, board games, yoga, sellotape, birds, balloons, tattoos, wandering hands, tweezers, maths, fish, letterboxes, puppets, a vacuum cleaner, a ball of string – and love.

In this fiction of yous and mes, of hims and hers, Pagano choreographs the objects, gestures, places, and persons through which love is made real.

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Advance Praise for Trysting

  • ‘Emmanuelle Pagano arranges poetic vignettes into an elaborate mosaic about love . . . a beautiful treasury of amorous moments.’ Emily Rhodes, The Guardian
  • ‘Objects, gestures, smells, emotions – Trysting is a mosaic of the myriad things that define a relationship.’ Sarah Gilmartin, Irish Times
  • Trysting uses polyphony to map the many different strains of love and sexuality . . . Reading the book is a kaleidoscopic experience. [It] succeeds because of the range of her insight and the skill with which she shifts register: from wistfulness to blunt force, or from fantasy to naturalism.’ Chris Power, The Guardian
  • ‘Beautifully written . . . it’s also funny and heartbreaking, brutal and gentle, like love.’ Emerald Street
  • ‘The original title points to the sensuous materiality of this collection of fragments about coupledom . . . we’re in a defiantly physical consciousness. If Trysting asks the question ‘What is love?’, it also says that there’s no answer.’ Lorna Scott Fox, Times Literary Supplement
  • Trysting is a mirror shattered in play: inscribed on each bright shard of glass, a fable about a fragment of love.’ Joanna Walsh, author of Vertigo
  • ‘Polyphonic, arboreal, rhizomatic, desperate, stunning.’ Lauren Elkin, author of Flâneuse
  • ‘The interactions of men and women, infinitely varied and minutely scrutinised, are Emmanuelle Pagano’s central concern here. No oddity or anomaly of behaviour is too slight to escape her notice, but the effect is less forensic than boundlessly compassionate and wise. She is a prose poet worthy to stand with the great exponents of the genre.’ Christopher Reid, author of A Scattering
  • ‘A bold, experimental book of cohering fragments, full of intimately-spoken truths about desire, about love, and about their aftermaths. It is like having strangers whisper their secrets into our minds.’ Patrick McGuinness, author of The Last Hundred Days
  • ‘Subtle and moving, the fragments of life presented in Trysting question the relationships between love, sex and gender, making the everyday strange and the strange everyday’ Juliet Jacques, author of Trans: A Memoir
  • ‘The best hard-to-describe book written as tiny vignettes about love.’ Kirsty Logan, novelist
  • ‘An astonishing portrait of what it is to love and to be loved.’ Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • ‘A sweet and bitter onslaught of love and desire, found and glimpsed, held and lost.’ Kirkus Reviews
  • Trysting is remarkable in its refusal to be limited to the revelatory or the shocking or the surprising . . . Pagano has given us a way in to a feeling that is beyond words.’ Music & Literature
  • ‘Pagano insists on brevity. Delicate and sensitive, the work rebounds with incisive observations that are uncannily accurate.’ Buzz Magazine
  • ‘An impressive collection.’ M.A. Orthofer, The Complete Review
  • ‘The moment I started to read, it felt like quenching a particular thirst, even going so far as to think of her fragments on love, heartbreak, and desire as bits of ice in the glass.’ XX and XY, Minor Literatures
  • ‘A book to savour in odd moments, to read and ponder as the occasion arises. A dazzling catalogue of amorous encounters in which lovers come together and find their way to an intimate understanding of each other’s oddities.’ Aneesa Abbas Higgins, Riveting Reviews
  • ‘These moments are dazzling in their personal specificity, and together they create a universal experience of love.’ Believer Magazine Best of 2016
  • ‘Utterly brilliant, but hard to describe. It is like a piece of art in a way.’ Winston’s Dad
  • ‘One of those rare books that defy description it in any sort of a review. A truly unique literary experience.’ The Bookbinder’s Daughter
  • Trysting is a love song to the small moments, whether they are good or bad.’ Ariane Dean, Everybody’s Reading
  • Trysting is an album of destinies. They each have their décor. They talk of first frosts, of the wood that must be brought in, of the huge rubbish tips of life, of the disorder of houses. Of beds that are no longer made because they are too often occupied. Of the warmth of being at home and of finding oneself. This essential truth of what we are. Emmanuelle Pagano sends every reader back to familiar territory. Her book is full of discreet and recognisable emotion.’ Xavier Houssin, Le Monde
  • ‘Understated and devilishly talented, Pagano follows her amorous quest, made up of stand-out sketches, scathing little stories, confessions and analyses, all shared between voices.’ Thierry Clermont, Le Figaro
  • Trysting reveals what only literature can: the basic irrationality, the arbitrary enchantment, but also the residual grace within the feeling of love. A multitude of anonymous male and female characters show us the ways we are seduced by each other: a scent, a movement, a way of being, a way of making love.’ Alexandre Gefen, Magazine littéraire
  • ‘Though she insists on brevity, Pagano never abandons complexity and holds fast to the animal sensuality that forms the bedrock of every couple’s relationship.’ Clementine Goldszal, Les Inrockuptibles
  • ‘Familiar but never banal. Without a trace of performance, full of shared confidences, it has an incredible delicacy.’ Olivia de Lamberterie, Elle

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