I Am the Brother of XX by Fleur Jaeggy

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‘A wonderful, brilliant, savage writer.’
Susan Sontag

Fleur Jaeggy

Gini Alhadeff

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And Other Stories

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6 July 2017

A wife is suspended in a bird cage; a thirteenth-century visionary senses the foreskin of Christ on her tongue: Fleur Jaeggy’s gothic imagination knows no limits. Whether telling of mystics, tormented families or famously private writers, Jaeggy’s terse, telegraphic writing is always psychologically clear-eyed and deeply moving, always one step ahead, or to the side, of her readers’ expectations.

In this, her long-awaited return, we read of an ‘eerie maleficent calm, a brutal calm’, and recognise the timbre of a writer for whom a paradoxical world seethes with quiet violence.

Praise for I Am the Brother of XX

  • ‘Jaeggy is a master of the short form . . . her stories without fail are complex and devastating. [Her] prose is superb (and as superbly translated) as ever, her characteristic desolation as self-possessed as it is recherché.’ Amanda DeMarco, Financial Times
  • ‘An intensely beautiful and original collection that bristles with a strange and often disturbing magic.’ Claire Kohda Hazelton, The Guardian
  • ‘It is hard not to be impressed by Jaeggy’s own spiritual and aesthetic grandeur, which casts her stories in such a compellingly cool light. She, too, has a startling ability to go beyond: beyond the sentimental heart, the writerly niceties, the conventions that bind us, and the messy effusions of contemporary life.’ Sheila Heti, New Yorker
  • ‘This book is twisted and hypnotizing and, somehow, downright lovely. Reading it is not unlike diving naked and headlong into a bramble of black rosebushes, so intrigued you are by their beauty: it’s a swift, prickly undertaking, and you emerge the other end bloodied all over.’ Daniel Johnson, Paris Review
  • ‘The stories in Jaeggy’s collection are masterpieces of fury and restraint . . . These chilling, beguiling stories dig up reflections on solitude, regret, and sometimes even on love. It is thrilling to live in Jaeggy’s worlds, which are so intense they threaten to boil over, yet pull back just enough to keep their secrets.’ Publishers Weekly, starred review
  • ‘Jewels of intellect and compassion . . . In prismatic translation from the Italian, these tiny tales sparkle with wit and worldly wisdom.’ Kirkus Reviews
  • ‘Jaeggy’s astute compression of narrative detail is at once serene and startling. Beneath a placid, opalescent surface lurks a threat or violence that may or may not be realized, but which contributes to the profound impression that people and their lives are unpredictable, coursing with icy, barren wildness.’ Los Angeles Review of Books
  • ‘Verbal mood music . . . as addictive as opium.’ Big Issue
  • ‘I highly recommend the unsettling stories of the Swiss-Italian writer Fleur Jaeggy. I Am the Brother of XX . . . contains exquisitely unpredictable images.’ Idra Novey, Lithub

Praise for Fleur Jaeggy

  • ‘Fleur Jaeggy’s pen is an engraver’s needle depicting roots, twigs, and branches of the tree of madness—extraordinary.’ Joseph Brodsky
  • ‘She has the enviable first glance for people and things, she harbors a mixture of distracted levity and authoritative wisdom.’ Ingeborg Bachmann
  • ‘A wonderful, brilliant, savage writer.’ Susan Sontag
  • ‘Small-scale, intense, and impeccably focused.’ New Yorker
  • ‘Startling and original—so disturbing and so haunting.’ Cathleen Schine, The New York Review Of Books
  • ‘Nothing rivals its intensity.’ Los Angeles Times

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