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Silke Scheuermann, born 1973, first gained acclaim for her poetry. Educated in Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, and Paris, she studied literature and theatre studies. She is the author of three novels, of which The Hour Between Dog and Wolf was the first. She has been awarded numerous literary prizes.

Scheuermann is often associated with a certain set of young authors in Germany that also includes Judith Hermann. Since her debut novel was actually her fourth book, this resulted in some odd classifications on the part of the press. As Scheuermann explained in an interview with Der Spiegel at the time of the novel’s release: ‘First I had a debut volume of poetry, then a debut hardcover, then a debut volume of prose, now I have a debut novel… My third volume of poetry is coming, and I think I’m all debuted out.’

Featured Reading Group Title

Die Stunde zwischen Hund und Wolf (The Hour Between Dog and Wolf)

The unnamed narrator, an introspective, somewhat depressive journalist, moves back to Frankfurt from Rome. Her sister Ines, the beautiful one, the gifted artist whom she’s fallen out of touch with, also lives in Frankfurt. Though the narrator hardly wanted contact with Ines, when she discovers that her sister’s life is in shambles, she has no choice but to step in. She also discovers that she has feelings for Ines’s boyfriend, and the three quickly fall into a pattern of dependency and dishonesty. Intimacy and distance, attraction and repulsion, Scheuermann depicts how the narrator weaves a tangled web of ambiguous relationships in her new life in Frankfurt.

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf
was widely praised by German critics for its atmospheric descriptions, as well as for the sensitive, complex depiction of the narrator’s relationship with her sister. It was awarded with the Grimmelshausen-Preis Förderpreis.

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  • The Hour Between Dog and Wolf is featured in our German Reading Group Winter 2012-13.
  • Sample [download id=”71″] translated into English by Susan Bernofsky (downloadable).
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