Sigitas Parulskis


I can’t claim that it is so easy to compare the Holy Bible to magazines with naked women in them, but it‘s true that I‘ve always been wrapped up only in God and women. All begins, originates and ends in these two themes. – Sigitas Parulskis (from Books from Lithuania)


Born in 1965 in Obeliai, Sigitas Parulskis is one of the most fêted of contemporary Lithuanian writers. A poet, playwright, novelist and literary commentator, his first poetry book, All That out of Longing, was published in 1990 to be followed by several books of poetry, essays, a collection of short stories and three novels. He is also the author of several plays and scripts for theatre. In 1995 his book of poetry Of the Dead won the Jatvingian Poetry Award. His play From the Lives of the Dead received the 1996 Kristoforas Theatre Award. In 2002 the novel Three Seconds of Heaven was awarded the Lithuanian Writers’ Union Prize for the best book of the year. In 2004, Parulskis received the National Literature Prize.

Parulskis is the most translated Lithuanian writer working today and has been translated into Russian, English, Latvian, Finnish, Polish, Czech, French, German, Greek, Swedish, Italian and other languages.

Featured Reading Group Title

Trys sekundės dangaus (Three Seconds of Heaven)

Vilnius: Baltos lankos, 2002

The title Three Seconds of Heaven refers to the three seconds a parachutist must count between jumping from a plane and opening his parachute.  At the centre of the story is a young Lithuanian philosophy student drafted into the Soviet army and sent to East Germany to serve in an airborne unit. The brutal and grotesque life of the soldiers is interwoven with the political changes breaking out back in Lithuania, as well as bohemian adventures, and all told in a raw and open narrative. These three seconds are the space in which the protagonist and narrator finds himself.

English Extract, translated and edited by Laima Sruoginis, first published by Books from Lithuania: [download id=”31″ format=”3″]

Trys sekundes dangaus is featured in the And Other Stories Lithuanian-language Reading Group for Summer 2010.

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