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Paulo Scott

Paulo Scott

Paulo Scott was born in 1966 in Porto Alegre, in southern Brazil, and grew up in a working class neighbourhood. At university, Scott was an active member of the student political movement and was also involved in Brazil’s re-democratisation process.

For ten years he taught law at university in Porto Alegre. He has now published four books of fiction and four of poetry. He also translates from English. He moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2008 to focus on writing full-time.

Nowhere People

Nowhere People by Paulo Scott

More information

  • Translated by Daniel Hahn.
  • Read more about Nowhere People, and an extract from the book, in the book section.
  • Paulo Scott will be visiting the UK and US in August / September next year, so if you are keen to organise an event at your bookshop or venue, let us know.
  • If you had subscribed to And Other Stories before this book’s publication, you would have received the first edition of the book – in which all subscribers are thanked by name – before its official publication, as well us up to 5  other And Other Stories titles per year. Find out about subscribing to upcoming titles here.
  • More information about the original Brazilian edition of the book, called Habitante Irreal, here on Paulo Scott’s website. The novel has also been published by the brilliant independent publisher Wagenbach Verlag in Germany as Unwirkliche Bewohner.
  • Translator Daniel Hahn writes about the joys and challenges of translating Nowhere People for the highly respected journal Asymptote.

Advance Praise for Nowhere People

  • ‘A powerful, complex and very ambitious voice. In the contemporary Latin American literature scene, Paulo Scott is a must-read.’ Juan Pablo Villalobos, author of Down the Rabbit Hole and Quesadillas
  • ‘One of Scott’s many merits is to show daring, on many levels. Scott is not afraid to create one of the most interesting voices in recent fiction. And that is the voice of a Guarani Indian girl. Maína is far from the stereotypes of the “noble savage” that orientate our literature and culture. Maína speaks.’ O Globo
  • ‘Immensely powerful. [...] This novel tackles post-dictatorship Brazilian ideologies better than anything else in fiction.’ O Estado de São Paulo
  • Nowhere People is an inexhaustible font of surprises that the author’s firm hand manages to harmonise.’ Rascunho
  • Nowhere People is not your average book.’ Folha de São Paulo
  • ‘This raw and passionate tale set in Brazil about love, loss and family explores the sharply contrasting worlds of Sao Paulo’s wealthy young people and the people of the dispossessed Guarani tribe … a classic in the making.’ The National,  Abu Dhabi
  • ‘Embodiment of the complex relationship between upper-middle-class politics and impoverished, indigenous culture’ Kirkus
  • ‘Paulo Scott is one of the best novelists of his generation and is going to surprise us in the future. Of all the novels of the last five years, I really love Nowhere People. It is one hell of a book.’ João Gilberto Noll, Posfácio
  • Nowhere People is, I think, an exceptional book. It’s a clever, thoughtful, beautifully written, perceptive telling of a story that hasn’t been told before. (I hope you’ll read it when it’s out and I hope you’ll agree.)’ Asymptote


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Nowhere People


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