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Niyati Keni was born in London. She studied medicine and still practises as a physician. She has travelled extensively within Asia, including in the Philippines where her debut novel, Esperanza Street, is set. Niyati Keni is based in West Sussex where she lives with her daughter. She is working on her second novel.

Praise for Niyati Keni

  • ‘This time [And Other Stories] have discovered gold: they’ve discovered Niyati Keni.’ Ani Johnson, The Bookbag
  • ‘A gifted new voice.’ Vanessa Gebbie, author of The Coward’s Tale
  • ‘Keni’s writing style is sensual and textured, she precisely captures the smell of local foods or of the dust, flowers and camphor of the boarding house.  Yet she avoids the trap of exoticism. The viewpoint is that of an insider, not a tourist.’ Caroline Maldonado, The Flaneur
  • ‘Niyati Keni is compelling at capturing the atmosphere of 1960s and ’70s Philippines, with its Spanish influences, its heat and humidity, its street food and market vendors.’ Booktrust

More Information

  • Read all about Niyati Keni’s ‘contemplative’, ‘wonderfully evocative’ and ‘richly populated ‘ debut novel Esperanza Street.
  • Read an interview with Niyati Keni for FemaleFirst here.

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