Félix Bruzzone


Félix Bruzzone spends most of his time beside the swimming pool. That’s not to say he lives a charmed life but rather that despite being one of Argentina’s most celebrated young novelists, Bruzzone has to earn a living. And Bruzzone earns a living cleaning swimming pools.

Bruzzone was born in Buenos Aires in August 1976.  His father had been disappeared in March of that year and his mother was disappeared by November and so Bruzzone was raised by his grandparents. It’s little wonder his writing focuses on children of the disappeared and their search for answers. A collection of short stories called 76 was published in 2008 and Los Topos came out later the same year.


Featured Reading Group Title

Los Topos (The Moles)
Mondadori, 2008, 189 pages.

A young man splits up with his girlfriend after she gets pregnant and decides to abort. He hooks up with a transvestite prostitute and falls in love, only for her to disappear. His grandma dies. These events combine and force him to examine his past. The son of disappeared parents, he was raised by his grandparents, his grandmother always convinced that his mother gave birth to another child in captivity.

The man’s search for truth proves frustrating and confusing. He is soon journeying south from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, his lack of answers encouraging him to live in a dream-like existence, making connections where there are none and inventing stories to fill in the gaps.

Los Topos is featured in the And Other Stories Spanish-language Reading Group for Summer 2010.

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